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Tom Gross | Kentwood Featured Agent

Tom Gross

Tom Gross | Kentwood Featured Agent


Perkasie, Pennsylvania

What Is One Special Thing About the Place You Grew Up?

It’s a historic town in beautiful Bucks County.

What Was Your First Job?

Mowing yards. But my first payroll job was working on a trash truck in High School.


I enjoy mountain bike riding, hiking, and reading historical biographies.

Describe Yourself In 5 Words: 

Living in faith and commitment.

Favorite Colorado Past-time: 

Cabin camping at Steamboat Lake.

Favorite Place to Grab a Drink:  

I do not drink – unless you are referring to an awesome green drink😊

One Unusual Thing About You:

People tell me it’s unusual that I have no vices – no alcohol, coffee, soda, smoking or unhealthy eating!

In What Ways Are You Involved in Your Community?

In the Cherry Creek School District, I serve on the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee. In the City of Centennial, I serve on the Audit Committee, Centennial Rotary Club, and Silver Sponsor of the KATA Foundation.

Who Inspires You?

Abraham Lincoln

What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment and Why?   

I hosted a very large and emotional surprise retirement party for my Father. He retired from real estate after 40+ years in the business. It was awesome to see and feel the love and admiration people had for my Dad.

How Do You Define Success?

Living my life by design focused on faith and generosity.

What Career Path Would You Have Chosen If You Hadn’t Become a Real Estate Broker?

I was an accountant/auditor in my prior life.

If You Could Master Any Skill You Don’t Currently Have, What Would It Be and Why?

Performing/singing on stage – I would love to be able to entertain.

What Is the Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Ever Done? 

Going on a two week rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Who Would It Be and Why?

Abraham Lincoln, so I could try to learn and understand selfless love of my country and fellow man.

What Is Your Favorite Family Tradition?

We have enjoyed so many awesome family visits to Steamboat Lake. One evening there was an amazing and scary thunderstorm – the sky was red.  The memory always reminds me of John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High lyric– “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky”.

What’s the Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To? What Made It So Special?

Fleetwood Mac – their music is timeless and their passion to perform at age 70+ is inspirational.

If You Could Live in A Book, TV Show, Or Movie What Would It Be?

As painful as it might be, I would like to live in Atlas Shrugged as Hank Rearden.