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Best Summer Events in Northern Colorado

Colorado has a multitude of fun activities and events to enjoy during the summer months. If you’re new to Colorado, you might be wondering, “Where do I even begin?” When in doubt, head north. There are some fantastic and unique occasions happening in northern Colorado that are more than worth the trip. Here are a couple of events we highly recommend attending! 

Fort Collins Peach Festival

Food, drinks and entertainment—what more could you want? This year the annual Peach Festival in Fort Collins is centered around a bluegrass concert with headliner band Head for the Hills. There will be a beer garden in addition to a variety of food vendors, and of course, lots of peaches! You can head to the Holiday Twin Drive-In at 5:00 pm on August 21, 2021, to get a taste of some Colorado fun. Learn more about the lineup, parking and admission at the link above.

Sculpture in the Park

If you’re an art lover, then this event is right up your alley. The annual Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, Colorado is the largest outdoor juried sculpture show in the United States. From August 6-8, 2021, Benson Sculpture Garden is transformed into a giant outdoor exhibit with over 2,000 pieces to admire created by 160 different artists from around the world. With annual sales of over $1 million, be sure to check out the 37th iteration of this annual show. You can learn more about the history of the event and purchase tickets at the link above.

Whether you prefer a pleasant stroll through the sculpture garden or jamming out to bluegrass while eating a slice of peach pie, you’re sure to have a good time at the summer events northern Colorado has to offer. Hope we’ll see you there! 

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Real Estate Northern Colorado Market Trends

The Acceleration and Deceleration of Days on Market

In April of 2021, Berthoud’s attached housing market saw the largest year-over-year decrease in days on market of 83.54 percent, ending at 26 days. In May of 2021, Berthoud saw the largest year-over-year increase in days on market of 97.87 percent, ending at 93 days in 2021. As these factors fluctuate, speak with an experienced broker to ensure you have the most current statistics for an informed decision.

Berthoud’s Disparity in Close-to-List Price

Buyers seeking attached properties in Berthoud had to pay, on average, 105.60 percent of the original list price to secure their home. As the largest average close-to-list price for attached homes across northern Colorado, Berthoud’s close-to-list price also saw the largest year-over-year increase of 10.92 percent! Simultaneously, detached properties in Berthoud saw the lowest average close-to-list price across northern Colorado’s detached market at 103.00 percent and had the smallest increase of only 3.00 percent year over year.

Homebuyers Are Attached to the Attached

Attached homes in Timnath saw a closed sales increase of 250 percent and a closed sales volume increase of 280.51 percent year over year. With the average sales price only increasing by 8.72 percent year over year, homebuyers are open to living in attached properties as they can find opportunities in this market for fewer dollars compared to Timnath’s detached average sales price increase of 41.69 percent.

Berthoud’s attached housing market skyrocketed in 2021, with a closed sales increase of 600.00 percent and a closed sales volume increase of 936.62 percent! This massive shift came with a large dollar sign as the average sales price increased by 48.09 percent year over year.

Windsor and Fort Collins were the only two areas in northern Colorado without a year-over-year closed sales increase of over 100 percent for attached homes, meaning there may be more opportunities to secure housing in these regions.

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Northern Colorado’s Hottest Green Chili Spots

Colorado is famous for the Rocky Mountains, beautiful scenery and high altitude. Someone new to Colorado may discover that this glorious state is just as renowned for its green chili as its other enchanting attributes. In Colorado, this dish, occasionally considered its own food group, has even found its way into burritos, tacos and sometimes beer and cocktails. When on the hunt for green chili, venture to northern Colorado to try the best of the best. Here are some of our favorite places to enjoy green chili in all of its glory. 


Santiago’s is authentic Mexican food with their most frequently visited location in Loveland. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, all with green chili incorporated in the menu. Santiago’s Authentic Green Chili Sauce with Pork has been the foundation of success for the restaurant chain. Make sure you bring a bottle of their famous sauce home so their green chili is never out of reach! They are currently offering dine-in as well as takeout. We recommend their Carne Asada with extra green chili (you can never have enough)! 


If you are looking for a relaxed-yet-elegant Mexican dining experience in Greeley, Alberto’s is calling your name. Alberto’s is known for having the hottest green chili in town, plus the best frozen margaritas to cool your mouth down afterward. They begin serving breakfast burritos at 5 am which is the perfect time to devour some green chili. However, if you are not a morning riser, we suggest keeping it simple with a bean and cheese burrito smothered in, you guessed it, green chili.   

CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing

The best of both worlds, CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing contains one brewery and two restaurants, offering indoor and outdoor dining in both their “Pubside” and “Poolside” with food, beverage and green chili. Located in Old Town, Fort Collins, this multifaceted restaurant, an upscale yet casual environment, has catered to guests since 1989 with a passion for their craft beer. As one of Fort Collins’ prominent nightlife locations, it is not a spot to miss when serving their famous Sigda’s Green Chili beer. 

Green chili is not only a sauce but an art form in Colorado. If you are looking to start your tasting journey, search no further! Check out our recommendations and let us know your favorite and if you have any more for us to try. Remember, eat more green chili! 

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Colorado Housing Market Scorches Before Summer Heat Sets In

Written by Gretchen Rosenberg, President and CEO of Kentwood Real Estate

Metro Denver ended March 2021 with just 1,654 active listings on the market and an average sale price of $663,749. That’s for a metropolitan area of approximately 3 million residents.

The Fort Collins market was down in new listings 16.4% YOY from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021 (therefore pre-COVID shut down.) Median days on market in Denver is … 4! Those are the days listing brokers need to sift through 35+ offers and create spreadsheets for sellers to evaluate.

When the supply of houses for sale is as low as it is today, buyers are left struggling to find homes to purchase. Competition among purchasers is fierce and some bidding wars are legendary. Sometimes buyers only have 15 minutes in a house and then need to decide whether to purchase the biggest investment of their lifetimes.

Thus, home prices are rising rapidly, and sellers are negotiating hard to meet their ideal terms. Buyers are faced with impossible choices like waiving home inspections and putting more money down to guarantee a sale even if an appraisal comes in lower than the purchase price. 

Where Are the Sellers?

Homebuilders can’t build fast enough and they’re experiencing severe constraints on their supply chains, which increases prices and slows construction. Many resale homeowners are fearful, and that fear is motivating them to stay put. Last year it was fear of COVID. This year it’s the fear of not finding a suitable replacement home, the fear of entering a bidding war.

We must figure out ways to encourage homeowners to become sellers or many buyers will come off the field. The potential of rising rates in future months will certainly chill demand somewhat. What if there was a way to increase homeowners’ desire to sell, therefore improving supply? Would a government tax credit help? Could a waiver of capital gains tax exempting those with more than $250,000/$500,000 in proceeds help spur the supply side? Now is the time for our industry and our policy-makers to get creative in solving for the massive supply/demand imbalance.

All along the Front Range of Colorado, there are many buyers who are ready, willing, and able to purchase a home. Low mortgage rates and a year filled with reevaluation have prompted many people to think differently about where they live. Our housing supply is not keeping up with the extraordinary demand. It’s a tremendously advantageous time to be a seller if you’re game.

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What to do With 40 Years – Build a Brand

Written by Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO, Gretchen Rosenberg

I have exciting news! Kentwood Real Estate is 40 this week!

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” We’ve completed 40 successful years of changing lives.

In 1981 five brokers formed the beginnings of our brand, The Kentwood Company, which was renamed Kentwood Real Estate in 2008.

The incorporation papers were signed by Roger Campbell this week in 1981. Roger told me, “We wanted a name that was easy to say, easy to spell, memorable, and upscale so we settled on Kentwood.”

Colorado Real Estate History

Other notable names in Colorado real estate who contributed to our success as founders, owners, and leaders are Jim Nussbaum, John Fitzpatrick, Jerry Weigand, Bill Moore and Peter Niederman, Julie Hummel, Dee Chirafisi, Jim Theye, and Chris Vuletich. 

Our original office remains the DTC flagship. In 1998 we added Cherry Creek, in 1999, City Properties, and in 2018 we expanded to Northern Colorado. We added Denver Rental in 2011. Kentwood Commercial and Prosperity Home Mortgage were both launched in 2017.

Our previous owners sold the company to HomeServices of America in 2016, beginning the adventure of our Berkshire Hathaway affiliation.

To our brokers, our staff, and the management team – thank you for your ideas, collaboration, and professionalism. YOU make this company admired, productive and competitive.

To our clients, we say thank you for 40 years of working with the best brokers in the business, for your business, and your support. A focus on clients fostered our success over these 40 years. That laser focus on client experience and market knowledge keeps traditional brokerage relevant into the 21st Century.

Our brokers, loan officers, and support staff make our company special. An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it. We celebrate all who have contributed to 40 years at the pinnacle of real estate.

We have so much to be proud of at Kentwood Real Estate, Kentwood Commercial, Denver Rental, and Prosperity Home Mortgage, and much more to look forward to. 

At Kentwood Real Estate we believe in community. That we accomplish more together. That deep roots matter. We inspire people to imagine the next steps in their life journey.

Cheers to 40 years!

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Best Hot Chocolates in Northern Colorado

photo of a cup of hot coco being held by hands

Winter has once again come to Colorado, and with it comes the holiday season full of snowy delights, connection with family and a fresh ski season. As the temperatures drop, explore Colorado’s fantastic chocolatiers and coffee shops that serve hot chocolate that will warm your heart as well as your hands. For a sweet treat with the family or just for you, look no further than the best hot chocolate shops in Northern Colorado. There is no better time than a snowy winter season to warm up with a piping cup of cocoa.  

  1. Kilwins Chocolate and Ice Cream, founded in 1947, has been making delicious confections across the U.S. for decades. Located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, its striped awning and red benches give this location a cozy, old-timey feel. Kilwin’s hot chocolate is made with handcrafted chocolate, also available for sale in the store. So if creamy hot chocolate doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, then their handmade fudge most definitely will. Kilwin’s offers the perfect location to stop and grab hot cocoa while holiday shopping or exploring all the sights downtown Fort Collins has to offer.
  2. Nuance Chocolate Cafe, conveniently located in Old Town Fort Collins, a block away from the Civic Center, provides a cozy hot chocolate spot for you or the family. This Chocolate Cafe offers a menu of handmade chocolate, sipping chocolate, French-style hot chocolate, and of course, their fantastic house-made hot chocolate. Nuance provides a cafe setting that is sure to please anyone looking for a Colorado rustic feel, with brick walls and a carved hardwood tile bar, Nuance exemplifies the classic Colorado feel. Stop in to enjoy handcrafted drinking chocolate made with bean to bar chocolate in a snug and homespun environment. 
  3. Looking for a cup of cocoa in Greeley, Colorado? Look no further than Continuum Coffee Co.! This quaint coffee shop serves hot chocolate and coffee with a smile. Just ask Bob, the local barista. Grabbing a hot chocolate at Continuum Coffee Co. is not only a sweet treat, but it is also an excellent way to support local businesses in Northern Colorado. Pop by for the cocoa and keep coming back for the delightful service and inviting atmosphere.
  4. With locations in Greely, Loveland and Windsor, Colorado, The Human Bean is an excellent choice for those who want some hot cocoa on the go. This drive-up coffee shop has hot chocolate and frozen hot chocolate, so whether you want a cold refreshing beverage or a little something to warm you up, they’ve got you covered. The Human Bean is also known for supporting non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross, so buying a cup of hot chocolate will warm hearts nationwide this holiday season.
  5. The Little Bird Bakeshop located in Old Town Square Fort Collins is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and maybe even a freshly baked pastry. This quaint little bakeshop boasts housemade hot chocolate with their specialty peppermint marshmallows as well as pastries prepared fresh every day. The Little Bird Bakeshop also offers light breakfast and lunch fare, such as their Sautéed Mushroom Toast and Crème Fraîche Quiche. So whether you’re looking for a chocolatey beverage or a bite to eat, The Little Bird Bakeshop has it all.

The holiday season is once again upon us here in Northern Colorado and with it comes chilly winter days full of friends, family, and fun. So, whether you are on your way to work or coming home from the slopes, a cup of hot chocolate is a surefire way to warm you up inside and out. 

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Why 4th Quarter is a Great Season for Real Estate

Written by Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg

The seasons are changing and it’s time to finish raking leaves; time to make sure you enjoy the great Colorado Outdoors while it’s still semi-summer and time to consider making a move.

Before stepping into management, I spent 22 years in real estate sales. It never failed that September through November were among my best months every year.

Odds of Selling

As a homeowner considering putting your house on the market or up for lease, your “odds of selling” are among the highest at this moment. It’s not typical to see a jump in inventory during the final quarter of the year and home buyers are left to sift through what little inventory there is. Anything new on the market is usually hotly contested. By choosing to get your house on the market soon, you know the buyer pool is at the highest it’s been in years.

Buying Power

Mortgage rates remain historically, breathtakingly low. The current odds of selling your home in Metro Denver rests at 73.4%. The ratio of buyers to sellers is out of balance in the Colorado real estate market. Those are some great odds! The pool of buyers has maximum affordability at current prices because of low mortgage rates.

In the Northern Colorado market, affordability is greater, with more to choose from in mid-tier price ranges. With similar inventory issues in the communities surrounding Fort Collins, buyers are left struggling to win the day among competitive bids. Having an experienced real estate broker in your corner can help you wade through a complex and sometimes frustrating process.

Craving Space 

Buyers are craving space with another COVID winter in our future. Many people are hoping that a move to a larger property will afford them the ability to weather the storm, literally. If you are thinking of listing your home for sale, consider your location’s appeal and price carefully. The odds of selling are high, but buyers are looking for updated and move-in-ready in most cases.

It’s the season for selling! Contact any Kentwood Real Estate broker for more information on listing or buying residential or commercial property in Metro Denver, the foothills, up the I-25 corridor, and areas surrounding Fort Collins in Northern Colorado. We’re here to provide you the information you need to make an informed decision. Tis the season!

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Weekend Vacation Ideas In Northern Colorado

We’re all guilty of not taking enough vacation, especially this year. Even if we are able to travel for vacation, it flies by far too quickly. One of the perks for living in the great state of Colorado – especially in Northern Colorado – is the enormous amount of land and experiences available for new adventures and weekend staycations.

Instead of traveling elsewhere, stay local this weekend with a few of our favorite must-do’s experiences in Northern Colorado.

Estes Park
One of our favorite and not-so-secret Northern Colorado destinations is Estes Park, CO. Home and basecamp of the northern gate into Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is a small town about 6,300 people. Estes Park is famous for the resident elk who reside in the park and meander throughout the historic downtown area as if they run the place. While the elk rule the town, the Big Thompson and Fall Rivers converge downtown and lead to the appropriately named Lake Estes where visitors can fish, paddle board and kayak.

Bonus local tip: Do something a bit off the beaten path. Literally. Have a local guide take your thrill-seeking family on a tour with jeeps, ATV’s, white water rafting, horseback riding or even a mountain climbing trip. The park itself is designated as by the federal government as “wilderness,” meaning absolutely no motorized vehicles, but the land surrounding the park will keep the motorheads busy.

Greeley, CO is the largest municipality in Weld County of Northern Colorado, located east of I-25 from Loveland. Entire centrally-located homes are available for short-term rentals for around $50 per night – an incredible price for anywhere in the Front Range. A few of the top activities in Greeley are the hiking the Poudre River Trail, the Pawnee National Grasslands, and WeldWerks Brewing Co., one of Colorado’s most talked about breweries. WeldWerks recently made headlines for canning the once-blasphemous idea of a low-calorie hazy IPA. While the beer fanatics may argue sacrilege, it’s a delicious alternative for those of us not wanting to drink 200 calories per beer and other brewers are racing to produce their own.

Directly west of Greeley and just south of Fort Collins is Loveland, CO. At the base of the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Loveland is a beautiful town with tons of restaurants and outdoor shopping at The Promenade Shops, a gorgeous hike to the nearby natural Dakota sandstone arch known as Devil’s Backbone, a thriving downtown district at Foundry Plaza with winter events, lights and sculptures, as well as local craft breweries. In normal years, September in Loveland sees the ‘Thunder in the Rockies’ for Harley-Davidson fans, the ‘Good Guys Car Show’ where antique auto drivers bring their treasures from across the country, a Loveland Oktoberfest, and so much more.

Fun fact: Did you know two of the largest love lock sculptures are in Loveland, CO? Think of the touristy love locks on the Pont des Arts bridge – which were recently removed by French authorities – but with a mountain background.

People often think of taking a vacation at far-away, tropical beaches or giant, city metropolises, but completely forget about the local treasures available here in Northern Colorado. Book a room, pack light, and drive up to the unforgettable towns that make Northern Colorado so special.

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Rooted In… Local Roots, Global Reach

Written by Kentwood CEO and President Gretchen Rosenberg

Our Global Presence

Kentwood Real Estate is a member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, a compendium of the finest residential real estate firms from around the world, as well as Luxury Portfolio International® and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, the largest global networks of premier locally branded companies. 

These esteemed networks cover over 70 countries and include more than 130,000 real estate professionals, selling more international and luxury properties than the large brands. The network companies are dominated by many of the world’s most powerful top-tier independent brokerages and we take networking seriously.

The exclusive affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway’s HomeServices of America in Colorado, Kentwood produces more sales volume per agent than 99 percent of all real estate companies in the nation and is connected to brokerages around the globe.

Combined with Local Roots

Founded in Denver nearly 40 years ago as a premier local brand, you’ll get the inside scoop from your broker for everything from community information, market trends to commute times in actual time. Plus, the regular weather report because we’re obsessed with the weather in Colorado.

Kentwood Real Estate is invested in our communities, and our brokers support numerous civic and community endeavors. Every year, Kentwood and its brokers demonstrate their commitment to the community by volunteering and supporting local charities and events. Kentwood brokers participate in hundreds of worthy causes, including Denver Urban Gardens, the Wash Park Home Tour, Metro Cares, Toys for Tots, Mercy Housing, HomeAid Colorado, Be the Gift, Pie in the Sky, LoDo Cares, CRUSH Walls, and the Denver Film Festival.  

You’ll receive first-class service no matter your price range or the style of property you’re interested in buying or selling, from brokers who are connected to the global markets while staying rooted in the communities they serve. From Castle Rock to Fort Collins and Evergreen to Elizabeth. What could be a better combination?

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The Reservoirs Of Northern Colorado

The end of summer is quickly drawing near, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to enjoy Northern Colorado’s beautiful lakes and reservoirs! Whether you’re looking to cool off and dive into the refreshing waters or you’d prefer to go fishing, boating or simply take in the view, there are several options near in Northern Colorado to choose from.

Grab your suits and sunscreen, and check out these top lakes and reservoirs: 

Boulder Reservoir:
Just about an hours’ drive from Fort Collins, Boulder Reservoir is certainly worth the trip. From its massive size to endless options for recreation, it’s a perfect day trip for the whole family. The swim beach at the reservoir is one of the largest swimming beaches in all of Colorado– which even comes with a seasonal lifeguard– and there is a shallow, roped off area that is perfect for kids.

Horsetooth Reservoir:
Horsetooth Reservoir is the most well-known body of water in Fort Collins due to its proximity to the city and secluded setting. There are over six miles of water where you can enjoy fishing, camping, picnicking, water skiing and even scuba diving, with a total shoreline of 25 miles. Horsetooth is extremely popular with local fisherman to catch walleye, small and largemouth bass, all species of trout, and panfish.

Lake Loveland:
The center of activity for all of Loveland’s locals and visitors is Lake Loveland. The lake provides an extraordinary visual of Rocky Mountain sunsets from its banks. North Lake Park is a common place to gather at Lake Loveland with a swim beach, a train, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, a picnic area and an amphitheater.

Windsor Lake:
Windsor Lake is surrounded by a 2.25-mile trail, which is perfect for walking, running and biking, or you can take in the beauty of the lake from within by boat. There is a swim beach as well as a dog park located on the north side of the lake, and the Rocky Mountains make for a picturesque backdrop.

Jackson Lake State Park
Jackson Lake State Park is located approximately 45 miles west of Greeley. The lake features 2,700 acres of surface water, and its shallows warm up quickly in the summer. Swimming is allowed on the west and south shores, and there is a plethora of other outdoor activities to enjoy like boating, sail boating, fishing, jet and water skiing, camping, hiking, picnicking, hunting and bird watching.

Grand Lake
Grand Lake is Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lake, with over 60 miles of surface water length. The lake’s waters flow out of Rocky Mountain National Park, which surrounds the lake on three sides. There is public swimming and other water activities such as boating, canoeing and more. Its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Mark also allows for many other recreational activities such as hiking, biking, camping and horseback riding.

Carter Lake Reservoir
Located between Loveland and Berthoud, Carter Lake is a beautiful reservoir surrounded by 1,000 acres of public lands. Visitors love Cater Lake for fishing, sailing, water skiing, swimming and even scuba diving.

Lake Estes
Lake Estes has a full-service marina where you can find everything you need to enjoy the lake to the fullest with boat rentals including paddle boats, single and double kayaks, canoes, fishing boats and several pontoon boats. You can also enjoy the lake from the shores by renting a bicycle or have a picnic in the open air pavilion.

Whichever lake or reservoir you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Get out there and enjoy some of Colorado’s best summer activities because winter will be here before we know it!