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Northern Colorado Market Trends

The Northern Colorado market reflects a seasonal adjustment.

The data indicates the NOCO market area has shifted to a more even playing field between buyers and sellers. Compared to August 2021, inventory and days on market have gradually increased, and the market is beginning to see some price reductions.

Fort Collins detached homes sales volume decreased by 31.24%.

183 detached homes were sold in August 2022 compared to 240 in 2021, a 23.75% decrease in number of closings. Attached home sales were also significantly down from the previous year, from 79 in August 2021 to 66 this year.

Loveland detached home sales declined in August.

In Loveland’s detached market, residents saw 131 sales in August 2022 versus 171 in August 2021, a 23.39% decrease, yet the average sales price for a detached home climbed from $540,056 in 2021 to

$600,393 this year. Indicating that demand remains steady.

Boulder’s increase in sales volume year-over-year underscores resilience.

In the detached market, the total August sales volume went from $145,410,217 in 2021 to

$154,873,289 in 2022, an increase of 6.51%. However, the attached market saw a decrease in sales from 89 in August 2021 to 72 this month. Boulder is a destination and a lifestyle choice, with opportunity for both buyers and sellers.

Berthoud saw an increase in detached home prices.

Year over year in August there was a 35.66% decrease in closings. However, the average home price increased 5%, from $630,742 average price last year to $664,089 this year. Attached homes experienced an increase in total sales volume in August 2022.

Decreases year-over-year in Timnath detached homes sold.

Following a recent trend, Timnath’s detached market went from 30 homes sold in August 2021 to 13 in August 2022, a 56.67% decrease. In the attached market, Timnath experienced a decrease from 12 to 4 units sold in August. There is still opportunity for well-positioned Timnath sellers.

* Updated September 7, 2022.