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Littleton’s Humble Beginnings

Like much of Colorado, Littleton’s history can be traced back to the Gold Rush of 1859. The Gold Rush not only brought miners to the community, but merchants and farmers as well. This allowed agriculture to rise as a staple industry of the city. With the population of Denver growing so rapidly, the need to construct an irrigation system that would connect farms and businesses to clean water became prominent. Richard Sullivan Little, an engineer from New Hampshire, was among the men hired to complete this task.

During his time in Denver, Richard fell in love with a piece of land a few miles south of the area. After he filed a home stake and other land claims he brought his wife, Angeline, from out east to join him and they started a farm. The Rough and Ready Flour Mill was built in 1867 by the Littles and a few surrounding neighbors. This provided a strong economic base for the community in the years to come.

When the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad made it to the area in 1871, the population began to boom. The Little’s filed to subdivide their land into the village of Littleton. By the time Colorado was made a state in 1876, the area had churches, schools, stores and a hotel, all the makings of a civilization. Finally, in 1890 the 245 residents of the village voted to incorporate the Town of Littleton.

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Featured Community of the Month: Littleton Neighborhoods

White Deer Valley and Deer Creek Canyon Neighborhoods

Littleton’s Sparkling Jewels among Gems

            White Deer Valley and Deer Creek Canyon are two of the most desirable places to live in Littleton. These two premier neighborhoods are truly jewels among Littleton’s finest gems.

            White Deer Valley offers the best of Colorado living in a great location that’s convenient to the metro Denver area. This neighborhood provides exclusive, executive-style homes on spacious home-sites ranging in size from two to more than 10 acres. The views include spectacular mountain vistas, and a scenic valley overlooking the entire city and beyond. In addition, Jefferson County’s expansive natural open space is right out your back door.

            Deer Creek Canyon is distinguished by the neighborhood’s namesake park where you can enjoy picnics, multi-use trails, mountain biking, and abundant wildlife. The most prominent vegetation is gamble oak, which provides food and cover for mule deer, elk, wild turkey, grouse, mountain lions and black bears. Residents enjoy rolling hills and fertile fields in a neighborhood rich in history, especially the rugged miners and homesteaders that settled the Great American West.

            The city of Littleton is known for its highly regarded schools, mining history, and the South Platte River that meanders through the city. The popular town features numerous small lakes and reservoirs, beautiful Hudson Gardens, and exciting community events throughout the year. The premier location at the foot of the mountains provides quick getaways to high country destinations and the finest skiing in North America. Residents and visitors alike also enjoy a charming, historic downtown showcasing a wide variety of delightful boutiques, restaurants, and retail services in a pedestrian-friendly environment.