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Written by Kentwood president and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg

Rooted in… Change

In 1996 when I embarked on my career in real estate, I quickly learned that no two transactions, no two clients and no two co-op agents would ever be the same.

Experienced real estate brokers, whether they practice residential, commercial or leasing services, know this is a fluid business. They understand how change impacts people’s need for different surroundings. They also become adept at managing expectations and outcomes.

Managing Expectations

It’s reasonable for you to believe your real estate broker will be honest, forthright and ethical throughout your relationship and transaction. In fact, we have a duty to be just that. These relationships are bi-lateral, however, and in order to have the best working relationship it’s important for the consumer to be able to receive news and advice from their broker with an open mind. The best way I found to help clients manage expectations was to give them their options, wait a beat, and then ask them if they had any questions and how they wanted to proceed.

Managing Outcomes

Once the options are weighed, sometimes with the advice of counsel, sometimes with the input of home inspectors, the next steps can be plotted. This is where an adversity to change can negatively impact the outcome. Real estate isn’t a zero-sum game, there are people on the other side of the transaction. People with their own motivations, hopes and desires. We must always keep the best outcome for our client front and center, while being open to changing course, giving here and there, or getting what we may not have expected. That’s negotiation.

Changes in circumstances, even when they’re a positive step forward in a life plan, can cause stress and anxiety. Top real estate brokers are attuned to this dynamic and assist their clients in finding the best way forward.

At the end of all of this change lies the outcome, and this is what Kentwood has always been about. Results for the people who have entrusted us with their life changes.

Our company purpose says it best:

At Kentwood, we believe in community.

That we accomplish more together.

That deep roots matter.

We inspire people to imagine the next steps in their life journey.

Colorado Real Estate News

Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg on DenX Panel

Photo by Alyson McClaran, for the article on BusinessDen. Click here to view the full article and see more photos from the event.

President and CEO of Kentwood Real Estate, Gretchen Rosenberg, served on a panel at DenX this week. She was one of four female leaders chosen to discuss their industry and professional experiences.

Click here to read the full article on BusinessDen to learn more about what happened at the event.

Colorado Real Estate News

Top 5 Reasons Why Real Estate Won’t “Fall Back” in 2020

Written by Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg

2020 has been a year like no other. At Kentwood Real Estate, our hearts go out to the families impacted by COVID-19 due to the loss of a loved one, a personal illness, or the loss of employment or housing.

An unexpected outcome from this massive disruption is the roaring housing market. Who could have predicted in March, when we fell off a cliff and couldn’t show homes or safely put new listings on the market, that we’d be booming in September? Now that we’ve figured out how to safely work in this environment, we’re helping countless consumers find a home or sell their current one. We’ve also been helping landlords re-lease their properties and tenants find a place to rest their head. Kentwood Commercial closed the largest office lease since COVID-19 began at the end of August.

Why is all of this happening and how long will it last?

Here are 5 reasons I believe Fall 2020 will continue to be a robust market:

  1. Homeschooling. Families with school-age children are coping with working from home and learning from home. Some homeowners need to relocate closer to daycare or family so the parents can go to work while the children are still at home. Others want more space.
  2. Financing. Mortgage rates are insanely low and are projected to stay this way through at least the first quarter of 2021. Currently, a 30-year fixed rate is bouncing between the high 2%’s and low 3%’s.
  3. Pent up demand. We have a lot of buyers living in Colorado and coming to Colorado, and not enough inventory. Universally in every price point except the very high end, we’re selling around 50% of new listings in 7 days or less.
  4. First-time home-buyers. The millennials are of home buying age. Those that aren’t laden with student debt and have a bit of savings or help from family are launching into home-ownership. They understand what a boon to their futures home-ownership at 3% means.
  5. Spring delay. We got a late start this year. In Colorado, we like to say the spring home sales market starts in early January unless the Broncos are in the playoffs. Then it starts in early February and lasts through the end of May or mid-June. This year, our spring market was delayed until early May. We still have a large number of buyers hoping to find their next home by year-end. We’ll have a shorter gap between the selling season lull in 2020 and the spring market in 2021. We may not even see much of a lull at all this year.

What does this mean for you if you’re considering buying or selling a home? That you should proceed with the help of an experienced broker who can help you wade through the myriad complexities of the housing market, or the commercial real estate market, in this day and age. Buyers may be able to find more deals in the coming months, but there’s every likelihood that in many price ranges bidding wars will continue. Homeowners who are thinking of selling will need to carefully assess pricing, marketing plans, and whether to stage the property.

We’ll be “falling back” to standard time on November 1st, but these times are anything but standard.

Colorado Real Estate News

Rooted In… Local Roots, Global Reach

Written by Kentwood CEO and President Gretchen Rosenberg

Our Global Presence

Kentwood Real Estate is a member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, a compendium of the finest residential real estate firms from around the world, as well as Luxury Portfolio International® and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, the largest global networks of premier locally branded companies. 

These esteemed networks cover over 70 countries and include more than 130,000 real estate professionals, selling more international and luxury properties than the large brands. The network companies are dominated by many of the world’s most powerful top-tier independent brokerages and we take networking seriously.

The exclusive affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway’s HomeServices of America in Colorado, Kentwood produces more sales volume per agent than 99 percent of all real estate companies in the nation and is connected to brokerages around the globe.

Combined with Local Roots

Founded in Denver nearly 40 years ago as a premier local brand, you’ll get the inside scoop from your broker for everything from community information, market trends to commute times in actual time. Plus, the regular weather report because we’re obsessed with the weather in Colorado.

Kentwood Real Estate is invested in our communities, and our brokers support numerous civic and community endeavors. Every year, Kentwood and its brokers demonstrate their commitment to the community by volunteering and supporting local charities and events. Kentwood brokers participate in hundreds of worthy causes, including Denver Urban Gardens, the Wash Park Home Tour, Metro Cares, Toys for Tots, Mercy Housing, HomeAid Colorado, Be the Gift, Pie in the Sky, LoDo Cares, CRUSH Walls, and the Denver Film Festival.  

You’ll receive first-class service no matter your price range or the style of property you’re interested in buying or selling, from brokers who are connected to the global markets while staying rooted in the communities they serve. From Castle Rock to Fort Collins and Evergreen to Elizabeth. What could be a better combination?

Colorado Real Estate News

CEO Reflections

Written by Kentwood CEO and President Gretchen Rosenberg

Rooted In… Performance 

Kentwood Real Estate is an elite team of brokers whose exceptional service, local expertise, and deep community roots create a market advantage for clients. Kentwood is also the exclusive Colorado affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway’s HomeServices of America. In 2016, the organizations aligned given our shared core values of trust, integrity, stability, and longevity. We believe in doing business the right way. Knowledgably and ethically. 

Our brokers’ combination of professionalism, local knowledge and experience has led to sales production records for many years. Our officially reported numbers are now combined with all of the HomeServices brokerages, but when compared to RISMedia Real Estate Magazine’s 2017 Power Broker Survey, Kentwood ranked #1 in Colorado and #4 Nationally for the highest volume sold per associate in 2016. The rankings methodology may have changed, but the results have not. 

Shining Bright 

Our Kentwood brokers and staff across all business lines – from residential to commercial to leasing and property management – continue to shine and serve our clients with the utmost diligence, even during these unusual times. Just look at these impressive statistics for 2020 so far: 

  • #1 Metro Denver market share during the COVID restrictions, 4/1/20 – 6/1/20 
  • #1 Average sales price for all of ReColorado MLS 
  • #1 Average sales price in the City and County of Denver 
  • #1 In productive agents in the City and County of Denver 
  • #1 In productive agents for all of ReColorado MLS 

Source: *BrokerMetrics 1/1/20-8/25/20 

Equal Opportunity 

With impressive numbers like these, you might think we’re exclusively a luxury brokerage, but that’s not the case. We’ve found the best way to balance our luxury roots and focus with first-class service to everyone, regardless of price range or area. We fundamentally believe that everyone deserves luxury service, attention to detail, and professionalism. 

Kentwood Real Estate brokers continue to deliver, representing buyers and sellers from Monument to Fort Collins and from Evergreen to Franktown. No matter where you live or want to live, where your business is located or where you own rental property, along the Colorado northern Front Range we’re here to help. 

Search for your next Colorado home at! 

Colorado Real Estate News

CEO Reflections

By Kentwood CEO and President Gretchen Rosenberg

Top 5 Reasons to work with a traditional broker versus an iBuyer

You may have heard a term that came on the real estate scene a few years ago, the iBuyer. You might even be considering using one to buy your home or looking at iBuyer listings without a Buyer Broker to represent you. Before you do, consider these top 5 reasons to stick with a traditional real estate agent.

iBuyer is a term coined to describe “internet” or “instant” real estate companies. They have a simple value proposition, make the transaction easier. That’s not a bad alternative for a certain percentage of the public and offers another resource to be carefully evaluated. However, iBuying is not a panacea for all real estate situations.

What You Need to Know

  1. Net Proceeds: As you evaluate, consider that convenience comes with a cost. These companies are not in a charitable business, they’re designed to make money. A traditional broker will help you prep your home for the highest return and act as an advisor on what consumers are looking for today. At Kentwood Real Estate, we have the Amplify program, which can even help you renovate and stage your home for sale and defer the cost until closing. If you sell your home to an iBuyer, your net proceeds will most certainly be less, and they’ll be marketing you ancillary services long into the future.
  2. Loss of Control: With a traditional agent acting as your advisor with a fiduciary duty to you, you can remain in the driver’s seat as you make decisions and progress through the transaction. Choosing a price, negotiating the inspection items, choosing a closing date. iBuyers will speed up the transaction and simplify many aspects, but they’ll give you a non-negotiable offer and then further deduct after they conduct their property inspection.
  3. Fees: A traditional broker’s fee covers extensive behind-the-scenes work, yet often consumers think our job is simply to put houses in the MLS and show property to buyers. Your agent should also advise you on home preparation for the highest return, best timing for hitting the market, how comparable homes are selling in terms of price and days on market, create a comprehensive marketing strategy, detail what a reasonable inspection list is, anticipate what issues might come up on title, potential easements and encroachments and how to discern who the best buyer is in terms of qualification. An iBuyer theoretically smooths out the transaction, taking on many of the steps an agent would be helping facilitate. They take much off the plate for sellers and they charge high fees for assuming that risk. iBuyer fees typically range between 7% and 14%, all in after inspection discounts.
  4. A Buyer’s Advantage: When you’re able to see everything in the Denver Metro, Boulder and Fort Collins MLS, you’ll be exposed to the entire market. With a Buyer’s Agent representing you, there’s more ability to negotiate the price, inspection items and confidently know you haven’t waded into any title or easement landmines. If you’re directly buying from an iBuyer company’s inventory, you don’t have an advocate helping you navigate the complex waters of a real estate transaction. They may have fixed up the house for sale, but how much time and quality were put into the work?
  5. We Hear Stories: Every week one of our brokers tells us a client had decided to use an iBuyer to purchase their home or made an offer on a property listed in an iBuyer inventory. Most of these stories end when the client decides to come back to their Kentwood Real Estate broker because they realized the fees were too high to make the convenience worth it. Even in the era of COVID. We’ve all found ways to show properties safely and keep our brokers and consumers healthy. Make sure your broker is following the COVID rules and protocols. Buyers have found that they aren’t exposed to the entire market when they’re searching on the iBuyer sites, and with such a lack of inventory these days, they want to be kept apprised of everything hitting the market in real-time.

The Final Takeaway

There is room for many models in the large market we call real estate. Some business models highlight price, speed and convenience while others focus on customer service and take their responsibility as fiduciaries to their clients seriously. Those relying on customer service and acting as fiduciaries also work hard to maximize net proceeds at the end of the transaction, making their fee a valuable investment. They also work hard to advise buyers when to negotiate and when they have to put their best foot forward.

You may like to shop at a discount store like Target and Walmart some days, while choosing Nordstrom or Nieman’s another. With housing or commercial real estate, consider your options carefully and feel free to reach out to a Kentwood Real Estate Broker for thoughts and advice. We’re here for our clients.

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CEO Reflections

By Kentwood CEO and President Gretchen Rosenberg

Rooted In… Knowledge

Real Estate is one of those business sectors frequently highlighted by the media and the media does a very good job covering generalities and notable news. It’s harder to cover the specifics because there can be vast differences between markets, areas of a city or town, property type and price bands.

At Kentwood Real Estate, we’re proud to say we have a brokerage full of specialists. Our brokers cover the Front Range of Colorado from the South Metro Denver area to the eastern plains to the foothills and extending up through the I-25 corridor to areas around Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, and Fort Collins.

Real Estate Research and Statistics

The Kentwood marketing team provides our brokers with regular updates on market statistics and the useful data they need to be well informed about the market in all areas where they work. You can rely on a Kentwood Broker to either know the answer or know where to get it. We have an incredibly collaborative group who are all happy to share their knowledge with a colleague.

Your Best Real Estate Results

Whether you’re searching for your next Denver house, Fort Collins acreage, or looking to list or rent your home or commercial property, Kentwood brokers stand ready with the knowledge, experience, and the enthusiasm to get the job done for you.

Colorado Real Estate News

Gretchen Rosenberg Named 2020 Outstanding Women in Business Finalist

Click here to view the interview with Gretchen Rosenberg

Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO, Gretchen Rosenberg, has been named a finalist on Denver Business Journal’s list of Outstanding Women in Business for 2020. 

Denver Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business list compiles 36 finalists across 13 categories. Gretchen was nominated in the category of real estate. 

Gretchen stated, “I’d like to thank our team of staff and brokers, whose commitment to excellence makes my job much easier. Our Kentwood commitment to community includes the community who works here, and I appreciate everyone’s contributions.”

Gretchen navigates Kentwood Real Estate’s growing elite team of over 240 Realtors® in Colorado’s finest luxury brokerage. Kentwood produces more volume per agent than 99 percent of all real estate companies in the U.S., which Gretchen credits to Kentwood brokers’ deep commitment to professionalism, local knowledge, expertise, and customer experience. Gretchen has overseen Kentwood’s growth from three to four residential offices along the Front Range, the most recent of which is Kentwood Real Estate – Northern Properties in Fort Collins, CO.

Congratulations to Kentwood Real Estate President & CEO, for ranking as a 2020 Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business finalist! We can’t wait to celebrate your recognition at the Virtual Awards Celebration on Thursday, August 13.

To view the full list or Outstanding Women in Business, visit

Click the link below to read more

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CEO Reflections

Rooted in… Equity

By Gretchen Rosenberg, President & CEO of Kentwood Real Estate

Fair. Housing. I’m looking at these two words separately because many in real estate have tended to run them together, fairhousing, and thereby lost the meaning.

It’s something we’re required to learn, but is it something in our hearts and in our practice?

This week one of our very own brokers, Lori Pace, a recognized speaker on diversity, inclusion, and fair housing gave our company an outstanding presentation. We learned a lot, especially the pitfalls to look out for while we’re working on behalf of our clients, our neighborhoods, and our communities.

Recently, a reading of The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein brought home the deeply systemic ways people of color have been discriminated against in housing for decades. Not just the redlining of neighborhoods from a lending standpoint, but discriminatory zoning regulations and overlays, homeowner’s association regulations and site locations for industrial plants.

Kentwood real estate is rooted in equity, not in exploitation. We believe everyone should be treated equally and afforded the same opportunity. The opportunity to live where they want to and to choose the type of housing that best fits their lifestyle.

One of my first meetings as a Kentwood manager brought home how committed our company has been to this concept. We were discussing whether to design a second sign. A luxury sign to go in front of any listing worth more than a certain high price point because some of our competitors were doing that very thing. Our Kentwood General Sales Manager at the time said, “No, we won’t do that. I don’t agree with the idea.” He went on to say, “Imagine how you would feel if your house didn’t qualify for that special sign. Someone in one neighborhood or on one block gets the luxury sign but you don’t? That’s not who we are. We treat everyone with the same luxury service and experience, and everyone should get the same Kentwood sign in front of their home.” End of discussion. Decision made.

That’s rooted in equity, a principle I intend to help our brokers and staff continue to learn more about and get better at demonstrating to the people of Colorado.

Colorado Real Estate News

CEO Reflections

Rooted in… Team

By Gretchen Rosenberg, President & CEO of Kentwood Real Estate

It takes a tremendous amount of teamwork to run a company comprised of 240 of the top-producing real estate brokers in the U.S. and a top-notch support staff to help them reach their goals.

When I was a young agent, I had little idea what I was doing. I only knew I wanted to help people, I loved architecture and had a modicum of a mind for business. I also knew I had to, “fake it til I made it.” I was a single mom; I had no choice. 

My strategy was to ask for help. There were always older brokers on the other side of a transaction who loved to tell me how many years in the business they had. “I’ve been doing this for 25 years!” They’d say when I was advocating for my client and they didn’t appreciate my dogged stance.

One thing I noticed over and over was that Kentwood brokers rarely pulled that. (I wasn’t at Kentwood for my first 2 ½ years in the business.) They were consummate professionals. They offered to coach me and looked at a transaction as an opportunity to advocate for their client while also recognizing that the ultimate goal of everyone was a smooth transaction that resulted in a closing.

Many Kentwood brokers became unofficial mentors, coaches, and a part of my team. Once I joined the Kentwood Real Estate team for good, I never looked back. There’s never been another place I’ve wanted to make my work home. Never another team I’ve felt could match the passion and purpose we have at our company.

Our group of Metro Denver and Northern Colorado brokers, of managers and department heads, of support staff and their families, have something special going on. We believe in community and that we accomplish more together. We believe that deep roots matter and we always want to inspire people to imagine the next steps in their life journey.

You won’t go wrong being a part of our team or a member of our client community. We look forward to welcoming you – to the team!