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Popular Retail In Denver

It can be tough to find quality shopping in big cities; there are so many different types of retail stores that are available on every block. Denver has a variety of places to shop depending on your preference. Check out these retail stores and shopping centers in the Denver area to find what you need.

The 16th Street Mall & Denver Pavilions
Denver’s 16th Street Mall is one of the most well-known and popular shopping malls. Its amenities stretch over a mile long for everyone to walk freely between shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Anything you want ranging from shoes to high-end clothing, you will be able to find here. It’s the perfect place if you want to enjoy the fresh air while also shopping for your favorite items!

The Denver Pavilions is something to see when you are visiting and you definitely can’t miss it; the building has “DENVER” written in big letters at the top. As the #1 place to visit and shop, it holds a great number of stores and restaurants. It even has a newly remodeled movie theater with a bar and reclining seats. This mall can also be found within the 16th Street mall.

I Heart Denver
If you are someone that likes the little things to bring home, then this is the perfect store for you. Located along the 16th Street Mall, I Heart Denver is your typical gift shop. Not only does it sell Colorado t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel, but it also contains unique items like artwork from local artists, jewelry, coffee mugs, games, keychains and other little trinkets and knick-knacks.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center
The Cherry Creek Shopping Center is similar to the 16th Street Mall with most of the same amenities, located just south of Denver in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. So the people that live in this area don’t have to travel to downtown Denver. This retail area includes many stylish boutiques and over 40 retail stores from Louis Vuitton to simple stores like Nordstrom. This area is family-friendly and any age can find what they are looking for. The Cherry Creek Shopping Center is also unique compared to other areas because it has indoor and outdoor stores.

South Broadway
Shopping on South Broadway is a unique experience. This is the perfect area if you want to explore something outside the norm. The shops that cover this area are predominantly antique and vintage shops.

The Ten Penny Store
If you are looking for cool, vintage clothing and accessories then the Ten Penny Store is definitely a place you will want to hit before leaving. Located at 250 N Broadway, you can find old-fashioned items dating back to the 1900s. This store is highly rated by other travelers that have passed through Denver. You won’t find a place like this anywhere else.

Whether you want a traditional, outdoor or unique shopping experience, Denver has it all. This list was compiled to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and easily accessible for anyone who is new to the city or someone who’s looking for a little help getting started.

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Retail Therapy on Tennyson Street

Couple ShoppingAll great shopping districts reflect the community that they reside in. Tennyson Street creates a solid foundation for the Berkeley neighborhood, helping to create and uphold the values of the community. It’s a fun, funky and friendly area with tons of locally owned and operated stores that host some truly one of a kind finds. If you are looking to do a little retail therapy, here are a few shops along Tennyson we suggest you check out.

Clothes Horse Consignment –

At this quaint boutique they recycle loads of designer samples, brand-new items, boutique overstocks, and gently used clothes. Their clothes run the gamut of designers from Gap to Gucci and won’t break the bank. The sisters who own the Clothes Horse take a genuine interest in your needs and help you find what works for your body type and style. It’s almost like having a personal shopper by your side!

Berkeley Supply Shop –

If you are looking to sharpen your modern man look, Berkeley Supply is the perfect place to do so. Taylor Stitch, Topo bags, and plenty of other American-made goods line the walls. All merchandise is high quality and personally hand-picked by Eli, the owner.

Oh! Aah! Jewelry –

In 2008, Oh! Aah! Jewelry won the Denver A-List “Best Jewelry Designer.” They sell contemporary and traditional jewelry, handbags and other gift items. This store is perfect for those who have an insatiable appetite for affordable, stylish jewelry. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable on the vast and intriguing selection of jewelry.


Spruce –

Spruce is a style consultancy, barber shop and clothing store for men. They seek to make men feel more confident through aesthetic transformation and to facilitate that transformation by offering an array of classy, stylish casual wear, as well as hair, beard and grooming products. The staff is upstanding, dedicated to their craft and genuinely cares about the customer experience.

Kat’s Eye Boutique – 

This unique women’s clothing store is a newcomer to Tennyson Street. The owner, Kat Haggerty, designed a women’s fashion line for over 20 years. You could say she has a passion for helping women feel wonderful in what they wear. Kat’s Eye Boutique offers clothing that is young in spirit, realistic in fit and will give you a timeless, sophisticated look.