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The 6 Best Coffee Shops in Denver, Colorado. Period.

Best Coffee Shops Denver CO

If we’re honest, it could just be a caffeine addiction. But there is something so satisfying about the rituals surrounding consuming coffee.

The smells. The sounds of the machines dispensing a dark elixir heightening your senses, all of the feelings of warmth and joy as you drink it.  These experiences are magnified when you get out of the house, leave your coffee pod machine behind, and go to an excellent cafe. Of course, you can stop by a certain Seattle-based multi-national and have a perfectly adequate cup of joe. However, there’s something to be said for a local neighborhood spot, free from corporate uniformity, pouring excellent coffee.

The locations chosen below are more than just a place to get a coffee; they represent their neighborhoods. In their cafes, you’ll find what makes an area unique, and they tie into a larger truth. Whether you’re getting an iced coffee in Saigon, bold Turkish coffee in Beirut, or cafe au lait in Paris, the true joy of the experience is interacting with your community, sitting down with a good book, or having a great conversation, and taking a moment to relax. 

Criteria For Making Our List

Coffee Quality

It’s all in the beans! High-quality coffee should have that smooth flavor that hits your lips in even just one sip.


Can you feel the local culture while walking around the neighborhood with your cup of Joe?


Is the atmosphere relaxed?  Are you able to work peacefully, hang with a friend, or have a productive meeting?


This Denver gem has turned into the gold standard for great coffee in the Mile High City. Since 1995, when Craig Conner decided to quit his corporate job and max out his credit cards to follow his passion for coffee, Pablo’s, located in Capitol Hill, has been producing an excellent product. It goes beyond just roasting the beans themselves.

They eschew factory-farmed coffee beans and instead hunt down and source single-family farms growing unique blends. It’s a commitment far beyond fair trade; instead, an ethos to partner with fantastic coffee growers to bring one of the best products to Denver. There are three locations across Denver, including cap Hill, Governor’s Park, and East Colfax. Be aware Pablo’s does not have wifi.

Our Favorite Drink: Espresso 

Locations & Map

Colfax and Syracuse – 7701 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80220

6th and Washington  – 3806, 630 E 6th Ave Denver, CO 80203

13th and Pennsylvania1300 Pennsylvania St #102 Denver, CO 80203


If a local coffee shop can be a microcosm for the neighborhood, then Aviano is quintessentially Cherry Creek North. It’s an artisanal cafe for those with discerning taste who are willing to pay for quality. They brew Intelligentsia coffee, and you notice the skill and pride the baristas take in their work.

The clientele is an eclectic mix of business meetings, college students, and shoppers looking to take a break. Aviano also has a great tea menu for those looking for some non-coffee options. FYI, our Kentwood Cherry Creek office is right next door to Aviano, so be sure to stop by and say hi and peek in the window at our listings!

Our Favorite Drink: Hot Oak Milk Matcha Latte & The Regular Latte

Hours & Locations 

Open Daily 7 am-4 pm 

Detroit Street – 244 Detroit St, Denver, CO 80206

St. Paul Street 215 St Paul St, Suite 180, Denver, CO 80206

Open Daily 7 am-5 pm 

Wash Perk 

In many ways, this local gem is the opposite of a hyper-modern coffee shop. You’ll find a dedicated neighborhood staff cracking jokes, making book recommendations, and of course, pouring great coffee. Sure, Wash Perk only has one location, but who needs more when you are only blocks away from Washington Park.

So the next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop in for iced coffee before heading to the park to get some exercise and feed the ducks.

Our Favorite Drink: Hazelnut Cinnamon Latte

Hours & Location 

Open daily:  6:30am – 5:00pm 

853 E Ohio Ave, Denver, CO 80209

Mutiny Information Cafe 

Mutiny might be a little bit of a left-field choice because a lot is going on here. As you walk in, you might notice an incredible array of used books, including rare first editions or the excellent selection of comics and records. There might be an open mic happening with up-and-coming comedians, singer/songwriters, or a podcast recorded in their studio.

However, it’s a great example of what makes the South Broadway neighborhood so eclectic and unique. But make no mistake, Mutiny Cafe is making incredible coffee. 

Our Favorite Drink: Latte

Hours & Location 

Sunday-Thursday 8:00am-8:00pm 

Friday-Saturday 8:00am -10:00pm 

2 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Blue Sparrow Coffee

With locations in the vibrant RiNo art district and the Platte Street community, Blue Sparrow is crafting extraordinary coffee concoctions Downtown. An ultra-modern aesthetic and a commitment to sustainability are the highlights of this vibrant spot. Every few weeks, the shop rotates a featured roaster to showcase an artisan they’ve discovered who shares their love of great coffee.

These unique roasters can be from right here in Colorado, all the way from Ireland and Netherlands. They also have a diverse menu of Japanese Iced Coffee, Upstart Kombucha, and house-made Chai, along with a wide selection of pastries.

Our Favorite Drink: Iced Matcha

Hours & Locations 

Open daily:  6:30am – 5:30pm 

3070 Blake St Unit 180 Denver, CO 80205

1615 Platte st Suite 135 Denver, CO 80202

Hudson Hill

This excellent Cap Hill spot strives to be a neighborhood destination by offering various menus and experiences. You can start by meeting a business associate or answering some emails in the afternoon in their spacious and comfortable space while sipping from their extensive coffee and tea options. Later on, you can order a cocktail like the excellent Race Day, with bourbon, lemon oleo, mint, and orange bitters.

Hudson Hill also offers a great variety of snacks you can order. Our favorite is the grilled cheese with cherry jam. 

Our Favorite Drink: The Dalgona

Hours & Locations

619 E 13th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80203 (303)832-0776


The locations chosen below are more than just a place to get a coffee; they represent their neighborhoods. In their cafes, you’ll find what makes an area unique, and they tie into a larger truth. Whether you’re getting an iced coffee in Saigon, bold Turkish coffee in Beirut, or cafe au lait in Paris, the true joy of the experience is interacting with your community, sitting down with a good book, or having a great conversation, and taking a moment to relax. 

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Top Ten Java Joints in Denver

CoofffffeeeeDenver’s coffee culture is brewing stronger than ever! There are countless cafes where you can find high quality locally roasted and ethically sourced beans, along with baristas who are well versed in the art of craft coffee. Whether you’re looking for a strong Cuban espresso, an alcohol infused iced coffee or a place where you can sit down and enjoy the atmosphere, Denver’s got it. We asked Kentwood agents and their clients where they like to enjoy their morning cup of Joe and the results are in. Next time you’re searching for that perfect latte, why not consider one of our favorites?

Crema Coffee House
2862 Larimer St.

In Denver’s thriving coffee market, Crema stands out as a wonderful community shop with artfully crafted coffee that’s rich and creamy. They offer a wide variety of great national and local roasters. And the delicious food menu is gluten free and vegetarian friendly!

Rooster & Moon Cafe
955 Bannock Street #100

Here they offer the highest quality espresso beverages, freshly baked pastries, and sandwiches made to order. Rooster & Moon‘s coffee is certified organic, fairly traded and prepared with the highest standards. Live music in the evenings pairs well with their wide selections of Colorado beer, wine and crafted cocktails. Try the Cowboys & Indians if you like whiskey & chai.

Corvus Coffee Roasters
1740 S. Broadway

Corvus Coffee is a specialty, small-batch, coffee roaster. Which means they only roast two to three times a week and don’t keep back stock. If you go at the right times, you can actually watch them roast coffee! The atmosphere has been referred to as a contemporary tasting space.

1476 S Pearl St

Great coffee is served in ceramic mugs along with homemade goodies. Perks include beautiful local art work on the walls and live music on the weekends. Enjoy an outdoor patio and heated seating by the fire pit. Stella’s is dog friendly with water bowls and complimentary small or large dog biscuits.

Black Eye Coffee
3408 Navajo St.

Black Eye Coffee is a place to slow down and enjoy the craftsmanship of beautiful coffee in a beautiful environment. Located in the Highlands of Denver with a roll up garage door front, classic tile back splashes and an inspiring bar made from distressed wood, this shop is an oasis for the north side. They feature single origin coffees by rotating craft roasters from around the country. The standard is one of the highest in Denver.

Metropolis Coffee
Locations in Lohi, the Golden Triangle and Baker

Metropolis Denver creates a specialty coffee experience that is welcoming, approachable and educational. With so many amazing coffee shops and companies around Denver, they truly bring something out of the ordinary to the market. They partner with Herkimer Coffee Roasters in Seattle, WA to bring their staple coffee offerings. Metropolis Coffee Strives for simplicity and quality on all their menu items.

PigTrain Coffee
Union Station; 1701 Wynkoop St.

This Union Station coffee spot offers coffee classics, iced coffee drinks, pastries and fresh squeezed juice from local sources, as well as coffee cocktails! PigTrain Coffee, who got its name from the trains that carry truck trailers on flatbed rail cars, brews only locally roasted coffees and the best espresso beans from locally owned Conscious Coffee.

Steam Espresso Bar
1801 South Pearl St.

Hang out in this hip coffee shop with garage doors, exposed brick and industrial lighting. Here they only brew coffee that is ethically sourced and only buy coffee from micro roasters. Steam was established in 2013 by twin brothers who are passionate about offering premium coffee to their community using cutting edge and sustainable brewing techniques.

Aviano Coffee
244 Detroit St.

A trendy cafe with an open, modern design and patio. This coffee shop has roots in Intelligentsia Coffee without the corporate coffee feel. They offer gourmet espresso drinks where the beans are roasted just right. Aviano Coffee gives great attention to detail and only serves first class coffee, tea and pastries.

Novo Coffee
Multiple Locations Across Denver

Here they believe coffee is more than just a commodity and strive for constant improvement in the search for a delicious cup of coffee. Novo roasts their coffee early in the week in their vintage Vittoria machines, one of which is powered by a Ferrari motor. They deliver coffee to some of Colorado’s finest independent restaurants, coffee shops and natural grocers.  They also offer coffee tastings and their roastery is open to public on Fridays.