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Wildfire Recovery in Northern Colorado

It has been half a year since the Marshall Fire, the “most destructive fire in Colorado’s history”, tore through the communities of Louisville and Superior. The restoration efforts of the communities have since highlighted their inspiring resilience and support for one another.

Some hometown heroes emerged, such as Laura Thweatt, a track and field coach from Monarch High School who not only raised $30,000 but gathered shoes and clothes to help her students. Laura was quoted by 9News after winning the Bolder Boulder race saying, “It reminds us that yes, running is an individual sport. But it’s also a team sport. It’s also a community sport.”

We saw community leaders step up when they organized a recovery exposition in Superior which brought together builders, designers, financial resources, mental health professionals, mitigation specialists and town staff to connect them with families impacted by the Marshall Fire. In total, 30 vendors attended that were able to offer help and simplify such a difficult process.

Even our Kentwood Real Estate family was able to assist the community through individual agent commission contributions, the Rally Up Boulder Fire contributions and the Kentwood Cares Foundation. The Kentwood Cares Foundation was able to grant funds to 16 people for a total of $19,000, while the Rally Up Boulder Fire contributions climbed to $22,296 and the agent commission contributions reached $7,215.

Beyond our Colorado community, the nation rallied behind Superior and Louisville. It was reported on March 28 that more than $38 million had been donated to the Marshall Fire victims. The donations are being used for direct financial assistance, debris removal, rebuilding, mental health services and more.

Although many stand behind the fire victims, it is important to remember that the rebuilding process is a journey and will take time. You can track the recovery progress through the “Louisville Rebuilds” website and are still able to make donations through the Kentwood Cares Foundation here.

Colorado Real Estate News

Colorado Wildfires Will Impact Housing Shortage

Written by President and CEO of Kentwood Real Estate, Gretchen Rosenberg

The wildfires in Boulder County late last week devastated the bedroom communities of Superior and Louisville, Colorado. These lovely towns between Denver and Boulder are known as friendly, vibrant and boast great views of the Front Range. 

Colorado’s Front Range, from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, has been struggling with a housing shortage for several years. The pandemic-created housing boom exacerbated our need for more homes for both sale and rent. Suddenly, one of our growing areas has lost close to 1,000 properties. Some of which were on the market and under contract at the time of the fires. 

The people of Superior and Louisville will spend several years rebuilding. As a former resident of Laguna Beach, CA whose neighborhood burned down in the early 1990’s, I remember it taking half a decade or more for all to be new again. The trauma never goes away, but it does get better once folks find a new home or rebuild. 

The immediate challenge is finding interim housing, making insurance claims and replacing household goods. The next challenge will be either entering a housing market with limited inventory or finding builders who have capacity to rebuild the homes that were lost.  

The Kentwood Cares Foundation is focusing on aiding those with immediate need due to the fires. Several of our brokers are also representing fire victims looking for a new home or rental. Please consider a contribution to Kentwood Cares and keep the Boulder County fire victims in your heart.