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Fort Collins’ Craft Brewery Scene

Fort Collins, Colorado, is home to more than 20 craft breweries, including the fourth-largest brewer in the United States, New Belgium Brewing. Whether you live in Fort Collins or are planning to visit there, breweries are unique places to hang out and experience what “FoCo” has to offer. Fort Collins is so big on craft beer that Colorado State University has a Fermentation Science and Technology major. Crack into our favorite breweries below.

New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing was founded in 1991 in Fort Collins but has since expanded to other cities. This company is known for their prominence with sustainability and social responsibility, making it the fourth-largest craft brewery in the U.S. At the Fort Collins location, there is an outdoor seating area with food trucks that elevate your entire experience at New Belgium Brewing. It’s located right in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins at 500 Linden Street. 

Odell Brewing Company

Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins opened in 1994 as their home location. This location has a 125 barrel custom Brewhouse, three fermentation cellars, a full keg, can and bottle lines, and a taproom and beer garden. This fantastic brewery has outdoor patios, food trucks and live music on Wednesdays from 5 pm–7 pm and Sundays from 3 pm–5 pm. You can try their most popular beers and IPAs at 800 East Lincoln Avenue. 

The Jessup Farm Barrel House

The Jessup Farm Barrel House is known for its barrel and blending brewery with specialty oak barrels to create excellent-tasting beers. They have both indoor and outdoor seating options with the opportunity to bring your food into the brewery. With extensive bottle and tap lists, there is something for everyone! You can find The Jessup Farm Barrel House at 1921 Jessup Drive. 

Zwei Brewing

Zwei Brewing was started by two brothers who wanted to make beer with German standards in mind. Check out their specials on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Mondays, it’s the Maß Monday Special from 11 am–10 pm; you get $3 off of your beer, or “bier,” if you buy it in a one-liter Maß. Then, there’s the Tuesday Countdown Special; every Tuesday from 11 am–4 pm, they do a growler & howler fill special. To enjoy these specials and other days at Zwei, visit them at 4612 S. Mason Street, Suite 120. 

Horse & Dragon Brewing Co.

Horse & Dragon Brewing Co. is a family-owned craft brewery in Fort Collins. Their Tasting Room is up and running, but they also have online ordering and curbside pickup available. Masks are required for everyone inside the brewery, but they are optional outside. This is another brewery that incorporates sustainability throughout their business. You can find Horse & Dragon Brewing Co. at 124 Racquette Drive. 


Funkwerks originally opened in December 2010 by owners Gordon and Brad. Funkwerks typically specializes in saisons and sours but have been experimenting and now offer more Belgian and American beers, barrel-aged small batches and more specialty brews. Their year-round beers include saisons and sour ales, but you can find other beers on tap; they even do beer to go, too! They are now seating at 100% capacity for both indoor and outdoor seating. They are not taking reservations and are only seating on a first-come, first-serve basis. Funkwerks is located at 1900 East Lincoln Avenue. 

There is no shortage of breweries in Fort Collins. There is something for everyone at these locations, from saisons, sours, ciders and IPAs to delicious food and atmosphere! So kick back, sip on a refreshingly delicious beer and taste what our beautiful state has to offer.

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Denver Market Trends

September 2021 Report Indicates No Housing Bubble Despite Industry Unpredictability

After Realtors® felt a relative slow down and seasonal return in July and August, September fell back to today’s housing market’s normal red-hot speed. Closed properties were 12.81% lower than last month at this time and a notable 19.27% lower than last September. With lower inventory and fewer homes, the balance of supply and demand stayed steady, leading to another month of competition for buyers. 

Excluding $0 to $99,000 Homes, Most Competitive Market Ranked in the $300,000 to $399,000 Range

This price point had .51 months of inventory with a surprising 218 closed properties, showing that one can indeed still find a single-family detached property under $400,000.

Meanwhile, Least Competitive Market Was Attached Properties Over 1 Million Dollars 

While there were still 56 attached properties that sold over 1 million dollars, the month-of-inventory for this category was 2.16, more than four times less competitive than the $300,000 to $400,000 and the $400,000 to $500,000 range.

The Luxury Market Remains Strong With Slight Slowdown

The market saw 501 new listings hit the market, and inventory up 4.81% from one month ago and 15.17% year-over-year. 

Luxury Detached and Attached Homes Alike Remained Strong 

The detached Luxury market saw 445 new listings in September, with 362 going into a pending status and 383 closing in September at 101.54% over list price. Overall, buyers had a little more negotiating power in the Luxury attached market, with attached homes selling for 99.57% to list price and within an average of 25 days. 

Overall, the Residential Real Estate Market Shows No Sign of a Bubble 

With the big question on everyone’s mind whether or not we will see the housing bubble burst, the data continues to show that it’s not going to anytime soon. 

*Written October 5, 2021. Updates may be available after this date.

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Northern Colorado Market Trends

Home Sale Prices Continue to Rise

In September 2021, all of northern Colorado’s attached and detached housing markets experienced a year-over-year increase in average sales price, except for Timnath’s attached market because 0 homes sold this month. For the detached market, Windsor saw the largest average sales price increase of 32.29%. In the attached market, Loveland saw the largest average sales price increase year-over-year of 19.96%.

Where to Find Cheaper Homes in the Detached Market

In the detached market, Timnath had the smallest year-over-year increase in average sales price of 0.13%, followed by Fort Collins with the average sales price increase of 1.28%. Berthoud had the smallest year-over-year average sales price increase of 3.91%. For those looking to purchase a home without massive increases in prices, consider these markets.

People’s Affinity for Attached Housing

The attached housing market had an increase in closed sales volume in all markets except Windsor and Timnath. Loveland’s attached market experienced the greatest year-over-year increase in closed sales volume of 56.87% in tandem with its closed sales increase of 30.77%, the highest among all other attached housing markets. Loveland’s attached market is selling more homes at higher prices and contains stiff competition for buyers.

Berthoud’s Average Close-To-List Price Reaches Normalcy

Berthoud’s attached market’s average close-to-list price decreased by 2.90% year-over-year resulting in 97.1%. As the area with the lowest average close-to-list price and the only one that decreased year-over-year, Berthoud’s attached market may offer some of the best real estate deals for homebuyers. Although Berthoud’s detached market’s average close-to-list price was 102.2%, it had the second-smallest year-over-year increase of 0.89% behind Windsor’s detached market with a year-over-year increase of 0.20%. Berthoud’s attached housing market contains desirable opportunities for buyers.

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Market Trends

August 2021 Reported A Seasonal Slowdown

The transition from July to August felt like a shift as vacations slowed down in preparation for the school year. The report saw this reflected in the days in MLS, which increased from nine to 11 in August 2021. Likewise, the close-price-to-list-price ratio dipped ever so slightly month-over-month. 

Month-End Active Inventory Dropped Dramatically

Month-end active inventory dropped 11.69%. Historically speaking, the change in inventory is relatively consistent from July to August.

Both Inventory and New Listings Decreased

The short-lived “loose grip” on inventory tightened once again. Months of inventory decreased from the previous month to 0.637. 

The Luxury Market Remains Strong

In August 2021, the Luxury Market stayed strong overall. New listings dipped 18.56% from 598 homes to 487 and closed sales were down 13.97%, with sales volume trailing behind with a 12.65% lag. Following the trend of sluggish numbers, the average days in MLS shot up 71.43%, from 14 days in July to 24 days in August.

Detached Homes Experienced a Shift but Fared Well

In August, detached homes reported 413 new listings and 410 closed properties. However, new listings dipped by 19.34% from last month, while closed sales dropped 15.98% from 488 homes to 410. The most promising news in the detached market is that pending sales climbed slightly month-over-month by 8.24%, with 407 homes currently under pending status. 

Attached Homes Marched to a Different Drum

New listings were down 13.95% to 74 while pending sales dropped 24.24% to 50 homes. Closed sales increased slightly from 49 homes to 52 resulting in a slight increase in sales volume. Average days in the MLS jumped 100% from 30 days to 60 days, while the median days jumped 83.33% to 11 days.

*Written September 10, 2021. Updates may be available after this date.

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Real Estate Northern Colorado Market Trends

Despite Seasonal Slowdown, Timnath’s Attached Market Rages On

The white-hot real estate market is beginning to cool in northern Colorado as closed sales of detached and attached homes experienced a year-over-year decrease during August. The only regions with a year-over-year increase in closed sales were Timnath’s attached market, with a staggering 83.33% year-over-year increase, and Boulder, with a 4.71% increase. Berthoud’s attached market showed the most significant year-over-year decrease in closed sales of 53.85%.

Homes Are Not on the Market for Long

Although closed sales are slowing from 2020 levels, average days on market continues to decrease year-over-year across almost all of northern Colorado. Timnath’s attached market was the only one that saw an average days on market increase of 1.27%. Berthoud’s attached market had homes flying off the shelf the quickest, with an impressive year-over-year decrease of 85.59%, down from 229 days in 2020 to 33 days in 2021.

Homes Are Still Selling for More

Although voraciously hungry homebuyers have had their appetite slightly tamed, the average sales price was still up year-over-year in every northern Colorado area except Timnath’s detached market, which showed a decrease of 7.97%. Fort Collins’ detached housing market had the greatest year-over-year increase in average sales price of 27.24%, up from $530,676 in 2020 to $675,255 in 2021.

In addition to an increase in average sales price, the average close-to-list price has experienced a year-over-year increase in every northern Colorado market. Timnath’s detached market had the smallest increase in average close-to-list price of 2.10%; however, at 102.3%, buyers were still paying more to stand out from the competition. Despite its high housing costs, Boulder has surprisingly demonstrated the lowest average close-to-list price of 98.3% in 2021.

*Written September 3, 2021. Updates may be available after this date.

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Northern Colorado Market Trends

The Home Sale Race Begins to Pace Itself

In July 2021, year-to-date closed sales were down across almost all markets in northern Colorado except in Windsor where detached closed sales increased by 35.65% year-over-year (and attached home sales stayed the same). This was a 41.47% year-over-year increase in closed sales volume.

The only other increase in home sales was present in Timnath as the detached market’s closed sales increased by only 3.45% year-over-year and Loveland’s attached market’s closed sales increased by 7.32% year-over-year.

We are beginning to see a slight slowdown of homebuyer demand as we return to seasonal housing trends.

Timnath’s Attached Homes Sit on the Market

Year-over-year average days on market has fallen greatly across most of northern Colorado, except in Timnath where the attached housing market experienced an 82.94% year-over-year increase, up to 311 days from 170 in 2020.

This presents an opportunity for homebuyers to get a better price on their dream home as sellers are more likely to lower their original listing price the longer the home stays on the market.

Conversely, Berthoud’s attached homes saw the largest reduction in average days on market with a year-over-year decrease of 81.48%, down to 30 days from 162 in 2020.

Berthoud’s Close-to-List Price Begins to Lower

Every market in northern Colorado saw a year-over-year increase in the average close-to-list price, except for Berthoud’s attached housing market, which experienced a 0.78% decrease down to 101.5%. Given that Berthoud’s average close-to-list price increased by 6.4% year-over-year in the attached housing market during June 2021, this data could indicate Berthoud shifting toward lower housing prices.

Boulder’s attached housing market saw a 1.53% year-over-year increase in average close-to-list price but stands as the only market with an average close-to-list price of under 100% in 2021, sitting at 99.7%.

*Written August 4, 2021. Updates may be available after this date.

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Market Trends

July 2021 Showed That Seasonality Is Beginning to Occur in the Market

While still in a robust seller’s market, the July 2021 report indicates that as we head into fall, buyers will start to have more time to review properties and less competition on the number of offers overall. The DMAR market trends report showed an increased inventory of 29.92%, while it also represented a decrease in closings of 12.30% compared to the previous month, indicating a supply increase and demand decrease.

July Inventory Reflected the Flow of the Market

While the average closed price was 16.40% higher this July than July 2020, and July represented the lowest number of active properties at month’s end in July’s history with an inventory of only 4,056 properties, this number actually increased from June to July, reflecting the flow of the market.

The Luxury Market Continues to Quickly Move and Remains Strong

Both the attached and detached segments showed close-price-to-list-price ratio averages at 101.39% and 103.40%, respectively. In the attached segment, the Luxury Market had slightly more inventory month-over-month, more pending sales, fewer closings, a lower sales volume and less days in the MLS. There was also an increase in the close-price-to-list-price ratio and in the price-per-square-foot. Meanwhile, month-over-month in the detached segment reported less inventory, fewer pending, fewer closed homes, a lower sales volume and a lower average days in MLS.

Overall, Historical Perspective Indicates a Common Transition From June to July

The Denver market indicates that an increase in inventory and a decrease in sales volume is not uncommon in the transition from June to July. With the relative lack of inventory, it can be expected that the balance between supply and demand will stay steady through the remainder of the year.

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Real Estate Northern Colorado Market Trends

Windsor’s Detached Market Skyrockets

In June of 2021, Windsor’s detached closed sales saw a 4,355.88% increase year over year going from 102 in 2020 to 4,545 in 2021, along with a 92.52% year-over-year increase in closed sales volume. The detached housing market in Boulder saw the second-highest increase of closed sales at 53.61% year over year, with a closed sales volume increase of 85.62%.

Berthoud’s detached market closed sales decreased by 21.43% year over year, yet the attached closed sales increased by 800.00% with a 1,385.94% increase in attached closed sales volume year over year.

Days on Market Decrease

Average days on market continues to decline across all of northern Colorado except for Loveland’s attached homes with a year-over-year increase of 7.95%. Attached housing in Timnath was quick to fly off the shelves as it saw the most significant year-over-year decrease of 80.84% with the lowest average days on market at 41. Fort Collins’ detached housing also earned some prominence with the largest year-over-year decrease of 49.15% and the lowest average days on market at 30.

Love for Loveland

Loveland’s average close-to-list price was the highest for attached homes at 104.10% and the second-highest for detached homes at 104.20%. Fort Collins gained some appeal as the average close-to-list price for detached homes snuck ahead at 104.70% and had the highest year-over-year increase of 6.19%. 

Berthoud’s attached market had the highest average close-to-list price increase year over year of 6.40%, following May’s highest year-over-year increase across northern Colorado of 10.92%. As Berthoud’s average close-to-list price continues to climb, be wary of stiff competition in this region.

Sales Prices Rise

Timnath saw the largest year-over-year average sales price increase of 79.87% in the attached market, resulting in a price tag of $715,284. Windsor’s detached housing market had the greatest year-over-year increase in average sales price of 21.84%, resulting in $602,579. 

*Written July 7, 2021. Updates may be available after this date.

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Market Trends

June 2021 Displayed the Theme of What Goes Down Must Come Up 

Overall, month-end active inventory increased 50.46% compared to May 2021, which is the highest percentage of month-over-month increase in the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® records. 

Listings Were Up Meaning More Opportunity

The number of new listings was up 23.89% month over month. Likewise, the number of closed properties increased 9.29%. More houses hit the market in June, and therefore more people had the opportunity to buy, which is reflected in the month of inventory increasing to 0.50. While historically, this remains incredibly low, it does show a slight shift from the previous month, which was 0.39.

Buyers Are (Finally) Competing a Bit Less

In last month’s market, buyers must compete with less competition, and therefore, the extreme bidding wars have drastically decreased. Sellers are now adjusting their listing strategy to what the comps suggest. However, while inventory did drastically increase from the previous month, Denver metro is still at less than one-third of the total inventory compared to 2019 at this time.

Attached and Detached Homes in the Luxury Market Also Had More Choices in June

New listings were up 20.42% from May. However, even with more options, sellers in this market barely felt the seasonal slowdown, with pending sales down only 1.51% month over month. Pending year-to-date sales were up 88.04%, and closed sales were up 138.20%.

June Also Reported Increased Sales in the Detached Luxury Market

Sales increased 24.20% from May to June and were up 132.28% year to date. On average, people buying luxury homes paid 104.74% of the list price in June, up 5.26% year to date. On the other hand, appearing to pull through the COVID-19 slump, the attached home market’s number of closed sales is up 306.25% year over year while closed sales are up 193.94% year to date. 

*Written July 11, 2021. Updates may be available after this date.

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Real Estate Northern Colorado Market Trends

The Acceleration and Deceleration of Days on Market

In April of 2021, Berthoud’s attached housing market saw the largest year-over-year decrease in days on market of 83.54 percent, ending at 26 days. In May of 2021, Berthoud saw the largest year-over-year increase in days on market of 97.87 percent, ending at 93 days in 2021. As these factors fluctuate, speak with an experienced broker to ensure you have the most current statistics for an informed decision.

Berthoud’s Disparity in Close-to-List Price

Buyers seeking attached properties in Berthoud had to pay, on average, 105.60 percent of the original list price to secure their home. As the largest average close-to-list price for attached homes across northern Colorado, Berthoud’s close-to-list price also saw the largest year-over-year increase of 10.92 percent! Simultaneously, detached properties in Berthoud saw the lowest average close-to-list price across northern Colorado’s detached market at 103.00 percent and had the smallest increase of only 3.00 percent year over year.

Homebuyers Are Attached to the Attached

Attached homes in Timnath saw a closed sales increase of 250 percent and a closed sales volume increase of 280.51 percent year over year. With the average sales price only increasing by 8.72 percent year over year, homebuyers are open to living in attached properties as they can find opportunities in this market for fewer dollars compared to Timnath’s detached average sales price increase of 41.69 percent.

Berthoud’s attached housing market skyrocketed in 2021, with a closed sales increase of 600.00 percent and a closed sales volume increase of 936.62 percent! This massive shift came with a large dollar sign as the average sales price increased by 48.09 percent year over year.

Windsor and Fort Collins were the only two areas in northern Colorado without a year-over-year closed sales increase of over 100 percent for attached homes, meaning there may be more opportunities to secure housing in these regions.