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Colorado Hot Springs

It’s looking like a late winter in Colorado this year, and what better way to stay warm than a trip to a hot spring! With three major areas in Colorado, with both developed and undeveloped pools, it’s no wonder they’re one of the state’s most popular outdoor attractions. Here are our “hot picks” for the hot springs you should check out this season.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Located only a few miles from downtown Steamboat Springs, Strawberry Park Hot Springs has been rated the best in the Rockies. The five beautiful pools are open year-round to the public, though reservations are currently required due to COVID-19 protocols. While Strawberry Park is family-friendly during the day, they do not allow anyone over 18 after dark due to a clothing optional policy. And if you love stargazing, these springs provide a tranquil soak with a stellar view.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Springs

The world’s largest mineral hot springs pool, Glenwood Hot Springs, offers a multitude of options for a romantic getaway or whole family fun. The resort also offers a full-service spa, although temporarily closed due to the pandemic, with an extensive menu of treatments for ensured relaxation. The spring’s warm 90-degree waters make it a popular summer destination for outdoor adventurers and hikers to wind down after a long day. Pool reservations are not currently required; however, see their website for more information on the resort’s gradual reopening plan

Hot Sulphur Springs

If you find yourself on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park or skiing at Winter Park Resort, check out Hot Sulphur Springs. Make it a day trip or stay at the cozy waterside motel-style lodge. Hot Sulphur Springs is currently accepting two-hour pool and massage reservations for all interested guests and visitors. With delicious local restaurants and affordable main street shopping, making the trip to this quaint town will be well worth your while.

We know you’ve been working hard this year, but there’s always time for a break. Take advantage of what our beautiful state has to offer and choose to relax in one of the most natural and revitalizing wonders of the world. These hot springs may be our favorites, but there are many other options across Colorado. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your peaceful and restorative getaway today!

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Fort Collins: Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum

If you are looking for a delicious restaurant and a cultural experience you can’t find anywhere else, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum in Fort Collins, Colorado is for you! This restaurant makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time and found yourself in the lively and colorful decade of the 1980s. While it serves as a nostalgic haven for those who lived through the iconic decade, owners Alex and L’aura Morgan noted that the real inspiration for the restaurant and museum was to show younger customers the amazing cultural period they were not able to experience in real time. 


The eatery took 10 years to come together, as the owners scoured the country for the most unique and decade-relevant decorations. As you eat your delicious pizza and wings, you will be surrounded by some of the most memorable artifacts from the ‘80s, including “rare vintage arcade games, cereal boxes, autographed photos, computers and handwritten lyrics from the biggest names in 1980s music.” The bright colors and plentiful decorations combine for a dining experience that will never run out of cool items to marvel at and discuss. To top it all off, many renowned celebrities from the decade have also been spotted checking out the nostalgic restaurant, such as actors and actresses from Ghostbusters and The Goonies!


While the major attraction of the restaurant is the 1980s style, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum acknowledges that no pizza restaurant can succeed without an authentic, mouth-watering recipe. They flaunt their house-made dough and sauce with 14 herbs and spices, along with delicious toppings and a variety of other savory menu options like wings, garlic parmesan twists and your choice of their many beers on tap. As you leave the restaurant, with your stomach full and eyes beaming, you won’t be able to decide which to rave about first, the memorabilia or the divine meal. 

Catering & Rentals

With all of the arcade games, memorabilia to explore and family-style dining options, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum makes the perfect choice for catering or hosting a birthday party or other fun event. If you choose to rent out the restaurant for a celebration, you are also given the option to rent an authentic 1981 DeLorean to be displayed at your event! This unique option only further adds to the incredible experience you can only find when you visit this hip spot.

The brilliant idea for a restaurant that celebrates such an eclectic decade in history has become widely known across Northern Colorado and is recommended as a must-see when passing through Fort Collins. Appealing to those who lived through the era as well as those who want to experience it for the first time, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum will remain a hot spot and beloved location for an unforgettable dining experience.

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Snowshoe Trails in Colorado

Are you anxiously awaiting adventure this winter, tired of watching the snow fall outside your window? If skiing isn’t your thing, why not try snowshoeing? For those looking for fun in the sun and snow, here are some snowshoeing trails so you can get up and go.      

Mills Lake, located in Rocky Mountain National park, is a scenic five-mile hike around a gorgeous frozen lake against a backdrop of snow-sprinkled Pagoda peak and Longs peak. While Rocky Mountain National Park is not exactly an isolated locale, this trail is known for being a little less crowded due to its length. For those feeling particularly motivated, Mills Lake is the perfect mountain trail to test your skills. 

Also located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake is the perfect destination for those donning their snowshoes for the first time. This hike around an idyllic lake is both short and flat, ideal for those looking for a quick adventure before cozying up with some hot chocolate. If you’re seeking a brief snowshoeing experience, look no further than this spectacular Sprague Lake hike. 

Brainard Lake in The Brainard Lake Recreation Area is the best place for those feeling indecisive about how long they want their winter wonderland experience to last. The trail circles beautiful Brainard Lake and connects to other charming trails such as Lake Isabelle in case you’re feeling more ambitious than you originally thought. While the Brainard Lake Recreation Area is bustling in the summer, the crowds dim during the winter months, offering you a serene snowshoeing experience.    

Located in Golden Colorado, you can find Clear Creek Trail in Lions Park. This trail requires a bit of snowfall before you can use it for snowshoeing, but the wait is more than worth it. Clear Creek Trail offers a chance for an exciting urban experience where you can enjoy the small-town charm of Golden painted against a picturesque Front Range background. So, when you’re done spending time in the snow, you can slide right into a fun night of snacking and shopping.  

Quandary Peak is the place to be if you’re looking for a challenging fourteener hike near Breckenridge, Colorado. This seven-mile trek is not for the faint of heart (make sure to read the guidance and warnings before you head out!), but the view from the top makes the climb worth the effort. If you are looking to annihilate a fourteener this winter while snowshoeing, Quandary Peak Trail is the best quest for you.    

Zimmerman Lake in Cameron Pass is an ideal location for snowshoeing all winter long due to the Pass’ excellent ability to retain snowfall. The lake is just one mile away from the parking lot and allows you to admire the Never Summer Mountains. This hike connects to other relatively flat trails if you want to explore more of this perpetually snowy pass.

You don’t have to stay inside and wait for sunny weather to chase adventure. Winter in Colorado means lots of chances to make spectacular memories in the snow. This winter, try strapping on a new pair of snowshoes, follow your feet and find a whole new climb to conquer.

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Exploring Old Town Fort Collins

Colorado is packed full of beautiful mountain towns, ski resorts and dazzling cities, but it’s important not to miss the many hidden gems, one of them undoubtedly being the historic Old Town Fort Collins. Located in Northern Colorado, Old Town Fort Collins has been growing in popularity as a weekend destination with beautiful scenery, great places to eat and a passion for displaying local art! Read on for a whole day’s worth of food, drinks and incredible socially distanced experiences that you just can’t miss when visiting Old Town.

Breakfast: The Waffle Lab
Calling all waffle lovers! This unique restaurant puts a scientific twist on the classic Belgian Liege waffle. With a variety of fun menu categories such as “The Control Group” and “The Sample Size,” you can choose from a plethora of savory and sweet toppings for your waffle, satisfying any breakfast craving you may have. They also offer patio seating if you opt against indoor dining and want to enjoy the scenic surrounding area. If you’re seeking a breakfast stop on your visit to Old Town that will leave you feeling happier and fuller than ever, The Waffle Lab is a must.

Lunch: La Piadina
La Piadina, a food truck located within Old Town’s outdoor market, The Exchange, specializes in Italian flatbreads with a recipe dating back to 1371 AD! Their classic flatbread includes prosciutto, arugula, a divine cheese sauce and olive oil, and they also offer a variety of vegan plates. This is one of the many prime dining options at The Exchange, so you can enjoy an authentic Italian sandwich while admiring the beautiful views Fort Collins has to offer. 

Happy Hour: The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro
This divine cheese shop and bistro is the ideal spot for a relaxing afternoon enjoying a delicious cheese plate with friends. The Welsh Rabbit is a family-owned business where “Slow Food,” an industry that values health, sustainability and fair pricing, is the top priority. You can customize your own cheese platter and pair it with a flight of beer or glass of wine, making for an excellent happy hour or after-dinner treat with outdoor table options.

Dinner: Big Al’s Burgers & Dogs
Big Al’s takes “local” to a whole new level. Aside from being locally owned and operated, they pride themselves on their strong sense of community within the Old Town area, from collaborating with a nearby company to build all of the tables and chairs, to supporting neighborhood artists and displaying unique and eye-catching pieces throughout the restaurant. They claim to serve the best burgers in Fort Collins, along with delicious vegetarian options and sensational fries topped with Big Al’s signature seasoning that can also be enjoyed at a picnic table outside the restaurant. For an authentic Old Town experience, Big Al’s is the perfect dinner destination.

Experience: Museum of Art
The Museum of Art is an excellent representation of the passion and appreciation for art that radiates through Old Town. You can check out their website for updates on current exhibitions on display, available time slots and ticket options. At just $5.00 for an adult ticket, a walk through the Museum of Art is an excellent way to spend a socially distant afternoon admiring the works of the latest artists.

While there is no shortage of sites to see and places to eat in Old Town Fort Collins, these are just a few of the best that combine for a wonderful day exploring the town square. As an added bonus, every restaurant we discussed is included in the Downtown Gift Card, which can be ordered on the Downtown Fort Collins website. This gift card is the perfect present for a friend or loved one, so you can enjoy a day exploring the area and experiencing all of the amazing dining options Old Town has to offer. 

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Three Reasons to Sell Your Home Now!

photo depicting a mother holding up her toddler daughter in a kitchen

If you are a real estate fanatic like we are, you know that 2020 has been a record-breaking year for the market and it likely won’t be slowing down in 2021. Zillow expects home values to increase 10.3 percent from November 2020 to November 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic challenges. The sales growth continues to be affected by similar factors such as strong demographic trends and a shift in buyer preference ignited by the pandemic. If you considered selling in 2020, this year proves to be just as promising. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why now is the perfect time to sell your home: 

Interest Rates Are Expected To Stay Low
Get excited because the 2020 below-average interest rates are here to stay! Last year, interest rates were below 4 percent and while they may slightly increase in 2021, they are predicted to remain low compared to historical averages. Let’s put these rates into perspective. According to Freddie Mac, December 10th had a record low rate of 2.71 percent for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage. Compared to a year like 2018, where the annual average was 4.54 percent, these record-breaking rates are incredibly beneficial to all homebuyers. Buyers can secure a long-term mortgage at an insanely low rate, and sellers can capitalize on high prices. It’s a win-win situation!

There Are More Buyers Than Sellers
As demand continues to rise, inventory remains low. But this isn’t necessarily a negative situation for individuals looking to sell their homes. Buyers are eager and anxious to purchase a house quickly, especially when the real estate market provides such ideal financial solutions for potential buyers. As mentioned earlier, the low interest rates provide affordable mortgages, ultimately resulting in an inadequate supply of homes to satisfy consumer demand. With such high competition to close a deal, buyers are aggressive with their purchase offers. So why not benefit from these multiple offers and rising prices?

TIP: if you are looking to sell your home, consider investing in house repairs to amp up the curb appeal and receive a higher asking price.

Seasonality of Homebuyers.
Did you know there are seasonal trends for selling and buying a home? In previous years, the spring months are historically the best time to list a home. However, with the unpredictable and uncertain living conditions that we are experiencing, the usually defined “peak of interest” in the market has become blurred. With that being said, the most desirable time to list your home is NOW, so do your homework and prepare to capitalize on the eager homebuyers.

How Kentwood Can Help
Have we convinced you? While there is no better time to sell your home than now, we understand the process can be daunting and often complex. With our local expertise and exceptional service, Kentwood is here to guide you through a pleasurable selling experience! Reach out today!

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Ways to Stay Social (While Socially Distanced) in Northern Colorado

It’s finally 2021! A new year to create long-lasting memories with friends and family. Even though COVID-19 is still around, don’t let it spoil your fun. Here are some safe ways to stay social while socially distanced this winter season. 

Adventure at Horsetooth Reservoir
Just minutes from Fort Collins, Horsetooth Reservoir provides a wide selection of outdoor activities, whether you are looking to hike, snowshoe, horseback ride, bike or even have a snow day picnic. Spanning 6.5-miles, Horsetooth Reservoir is open year-round with breathtaking views and recreation for all.

Try Fat Biking
In Northern Colorado, snow doesn’t stop us from going on a bike ride in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Fat bikes are designed with two oversized tires that make for smooth riding on rough terrain so that you can continue to cruise on snow-packed trails. Cameron Pass and Lory State Park, outside of Fort Collins, offer amazing fat bike adventures. If you’re an inexperienced biker, no problem! Check out Front Range Ride Guides for a ride that will complement your abilities, fitness level and desires. 

Outdoor Fitness Classes
If you’re missing the gym, Northern Colorado has some great socially-distanced outdoor fitness options. OpenAir-NoCo provides year-round outdoor training in Fort Collins’ beautiful parks so layer up and breathe in the fresh air! If you’re a yogi, check out Liv Barre’s COVID-friendly barre class and wine tasting at Sweet Heart Winery in Loveland on January 24th.

Support Local Restaurants
We know that indoor dining is still extremely limited, but why should that stop you from experiencing a delicious meal? As an alternative for going out to eat, try Noco Nosh, an independent delivery service for independent restaurants. Northern Colorado has some of the best local restaurants, so set up your dinner table or start up the fire for an outdoor meal with friends and place your order today!

We know connecting with friends and family can be difficult during these uncertain times. These are just a few ways that you can stay social and safe during the pandemic. So bundle up and get out there for some socially-distanced fun. And don’t forget your mask!

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Best Snow Tubing Spots in Colorado

Winter in Colorado may bring cold and ice, but it also offers gorgeous snow and exhilarating winter activities! Colorado is known for its majestic ski mountains, but if skiing isn’t your thing then you might want to check out all the fantastic tubing hills that Colorado has to offer. Without further delay, here is a list of the best tubing spots in the Front Range. 

*Please note that reservations must be placed for all tubing hills except for the Snow Mountain Ranch Sledding and Tubing Hill and Yee-Haw Tubing Hill. Visit their websites for more details.

Copper Mountain Tubing
Copper Mountain Tubing is located in Friso, Colorado on Copper Mountain, a well-known skiing spot. The tubing hill can be found in Copper’s East Village behind Copper station. The downhill experience boasts banked curves that will keep the whole family laughing! Copper Mountain Tubing is the perfect place for adventurous families looking for an after-ski or day activity in Frisco, Colorado.

Snow Mountain Ranch Sledding and Tubing Hill
Located in Granby, Colorado, Snow Mountain Ranch Sledding and Tubing Hill is a part of a YMCA of the Rockies and is available all year-round. The YMCA also offers tons of other fun activities like snowmobiling, skiing and dog sledding, making this tubing destination the ideal weekend getaway! No tubing reservation required, just walk up and check in via QR code.

Frisco Tubing Hill
In scenic Frisco, Colorado lies Frisco Tubing Hill. With multiple lanes varying in drops, twists and turns, this location is the ultimate destination for any tuber, whether you’re timid or an adrenaline junkie. Frisco Tubing Hill is also a part of Frisco Adventure Park, which offers snowshoeing and skiing. So if you’re ready for a wonderful winter wonderland experience, steer your sleigh towards Frisco Tubing Hill! 

Yee-Haw Tubing Hill
Twenty minutes outside Steamboat Springs lies a not so hidden gem, Yee-Haw Tubing Hill. Whether you’re feeling rowdy or just want to put your skis down for the night, Yee-Haw is the place for you. This tubing area offers many lanes, all designed for fantastic family fun, as well as a free shuttle from town. Reservations are required for shuttle transportation, but if you plan to drive yourself reservations aren’t necessary as tubing is on a first-come-first-served basis. Whether young or old, this tubing adventure will have you screaming “Yee-Haw!”

Coca Cola® Tube Park
Those looking for a stand-alone tubing spot, look no farther than Winter Park’s Coca-Cola® Tube Park. The Coca-Cola® Tube Park is also perfect for large groups looking to rent the area all day. So if you’re struggling to plan a socially distanced gathering, this location is perfect for you! Grab some friends and have a fun socially-distanced day slipping and sliding away!  

Tubing is one of the most fun and thrilling winter activities out there. Luckily for you, Colorado snow brings endless opportunities for tubing thrills on many hills. So young or old, skier or nonskier, grab a tube and try these spots out for yourself this winter!

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Top Five Ski Resorts for Your Winter Escape

Vail, Colorado
Are you looking for a luxury skiing experience? As the largest ski area in Colorado, Vail is the perfect destination for an elegant getaway. According to the American Ski Index, this Colorado ski town is ranked number two in the country, and it is right at our fingertips! The seven back bowls and 767,716 feet of runs will keep you occupied all winter season! The ski town of 5,500 residents is inspired by Austrian villages and keeps visitors coming back for more. Don’t forget to check out Lionhead Village and Vail Town Center to be charmed by the fine-dining and shopping experiences! 

Aspen, Colorado
There is a reason The Kardashian’s and Jeff Bezos frequently visit here! While Aspen may attract shopaholics as much as the skiers, this enchanting town provides entertainment both on and off the mountain. Aspen contains four different mountains: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. With distinct personalities, these mountains will feel like you’re skiing four resorts for the price of one. 

Breckenridge, Colorado
Looking for a challenge? Breckenridge’s Imperial Express SuperChair on Peak 8 is the highest lift in North America! With a widely spread terrain loaded with greens, blue and diamonds, Breckenridge provides unparalleled skiing opportunities for every level. Many individuals describe the town as relaxed yet vibrant, providing the opportunity to live luxuriously or affordably. And don’t forget to check out the iconic 2021 Ullr Fest held every year to celebrate the history of Breckenridge!

Telluride, Colorado
If you are looking for an easier terrain to refine your skills, Telluride is the place! With nearly 60% of terrain beginner and intermediate-friendly, this resort is ideal for kids or first-time skiers! Telluride is slightly off the grid compared to other resorts, making this remote town truly special. Whether it’s winter, summer or spring, Telluride can provide you with action-packed activities all year round! 

Winter Park, Colorado
If you are looking for a quick cure to ski jitters, Winter Park is the place to go. As the closest ski resort to Denver, Winter Park provides a one-day skiing adventure for you and your family or roommates. The accessible, relaxed and quaint village of Winter Park is the ideal day trip destination for all the beginner, intermediate and advanced shredders out there!

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Best Colorado Companies/Shops for Ski Gear

photo of snowboards and skis

Ski season has begun at Colorado resorts, and COVID-19 is not stopping Coloradans from bundling up and hitting the slopes! Since skiing and snowboarding were unfortunately cut short last spring, people are eager to get back into their favorite winter sport, and maybe even buy some new gear. Let us guide you through a few of our favorite options for buying new ski and snowboard equipment in Colorado, so you can shred the mountains with style this winter!

ONLINE: Backcountry
One of the most reliable online companies for new ski supplies is Backcountry. Their easy-to-navigate site makes for a fun experience searching through all of their awesome gear for the best deals! Backcountry offers a variety of categories, so whether you’re into cross country, alpine, park skiing or snowboarding, Backcountry has it all. Plus, they are always advertising new sales on winter apparel, so you can find items like jackets and pants for up to 40% off retail price!

COLORADO CHAIN: Epic Mountain Gear
Another great store for all your shredding needs is Epic Mountain Gear. They have an online site as well as stores ALL OVER Colorado, so you can visit and browse, try different options and find what works best for you! Epic Mountain Gear is great for beginner skiers who could use the guidance of experienced employees to walk you through trying on equipment, determining the best fit, and making sure you have everything you need to set off for the mountain. They also have an excellent rental program if you’re just visiting or only hit the slopes a few times a year!

If you want to shop smaller or find local shops by the mountains, you need to check out AMR Ski Shop in Breckenridge, CO. AMR focuses on selling prime ski gear to give you the best experience possible. They stick to American and European products, which are known to be the most reliable products in the industry. They also have special deals on Thursdays as well as pre-made ski equipment packages so you can go in with nothing and come out looking like a pro! AMR values the skiing community of Breckenridge, so you can visit them for the true experience of a mountain town local.

PREOWNED: Outabounds Ski and Boards
If you’re looking for affordable and upcycled equipment, Outabounds is the store for you. Outabounds features new ski and board hardware as well as lightly used items that are up to 80% off the retail price! They are a family-owned business out of Centennial, CO, and take pride in catering to all skiers, from beginners to experts as well as skiing families. Lightly used skis and boots like the ones sold at Outabounds are perfect for new skiers who need help finding the right fit or experienced skiers who want to try out some new styles before committing to a new purchase.  If you’re looking for new supplies gear this winter, Colorado has no shortage of options! You can stay at home and shop online, visit one of the many recreational chains throughout the state, shop local and have an authentic mountain town experience, and you can even shop for lightly used materials! The opportunities are endless, and no matter what you choose, get some equipment, get out to the mountains, and enjoy another great season on the slopes!

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The Exchange in Fort Collins: A Collaborative Space for Everyone

photo depicting The Exchange in Fort Collins. There are buildings, patios with games and dining and string lights.

As the first entertainment district in Fort Collins, expectations were high for this little hub. Created as a dog-friendly, open-air entertainment plaza where groups can enjoy their food, desserts, alcoholic beverages and more in an outdoor common area, they seem to have exceeded those expectations. The area is surrounded by string lights and murals as well as community use picnic tables and firepits. According to their website, “The Exchange connects the entrepreneurial spirit of Fort Collins to our love of bikes and the outdoors. Ample bike parking, a bike service station, and connectivity to the Poudre Trail make The Exchange a true bike destination.” Since its inception in 2017, The Exchange has become the central quarter for food, drink and entertainment in the downtown Fort Collins area. 

In preparation for your visit (we recommend it), here are a few of the must-see shops:

FOCO DOCO: Fort Collins Donut Co.

This little donut shop combines the newest technology and freshest ingredients. They make their donuts “Colorado Style,” utilizing the best ingredients the state has to offer. The donuts are made right in front of you with the help of their robot and served hot. 


Fried chicken in a waffle cone. Need we say more? With choices of 6 sauces ranging from a sweet Cinna-Maple to a spicy Peri Peri South African chili sauce, there is something for nearly everyone. 

Old Town Putt

Bring out the child in you with this incredible indoor putting range. This place is full of personality and fun. If you’re not a fan of putt-putt golf, they also have ping pong, corn hole, skeeball, shuffleboard and a full arcade. If that still doesn’t interest you, they have weekly drink specials. 

Old Town Churn Ice Cream

As a family member of the Little Man Ice Cream Company, Old Town Churn serves a rotating lineup of handcrafted ice cream along with shakes, malts, sundaes, banana splits and more. Churn serves as the flagship anchor in The Exchange housed at the center in a larger than life 26-foot-tall ice cream churn. 

We could go on and on showcasing the other shops that The Exchange has to offer, but instead, we’ll let you find out for yourself. With 4.5 stars on Yelp, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy in the heart of downtown Fort Collins.