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Kentwood Real Estate’s Amy Herrington Wins Bronze Stevie® Award

The Stevie® Awards shine an international spotlight on women executives, entrepreneurs, employees and organizations run by women. 

Kentwood Real Estate is proud to announce that Amy Herrington,  Director of Agent and Staff Services at Kentwood Real Estate, was recently awarded a prestigious 2020 Bronze Stevie® Award in the “Female Employee of the Year Business Category,” which recognizes the achievements of non-executive female employees.

One of the world’s premier business awards, The Stevie® Awards were founded in 2002 to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. 

A Kentwood veteran of 22 years, Amy Herrington’s accolade comes as no surprise to everyone who has the pleasure to work with her. Building on her career as a real estate assistant when joining Kentwood, Amy moved up the ranks to become the brokerage’s chief liaison between the company and individual brokers. Amy’s position continuously ensures brokers are educated and supported by the brokerage’s resources and programs, like updating individual marketing strategies, maintaining compliance, program implementations, and more.

Through the years, Amy’s relentless dedication to both broker and customer service has been critical to the success of Kentwood and is one reason the company has a record longevity rate for brokers that averages over 17 years at the company. A brokerage of 240 top-producing brokers, Amy has a dynamic and challenging role, yet always finds time to ensure she and Kentwood positively impact the local community to help neighbors in need.

Amy is credited with starting Kentwood’s annual “Adopt-a-Family” program. The now 21-year old program is a beloved Kentwood institution, where Amy leads partnerships with nonprofits and local government services to identify families in need of support through the holiday season. Last year alone, Kentwood donated 96 gifts, meals, and Christmas trees to single mothers and 36 families through the “Be the Gift” organization. This year Amy furthered the company’s alliance with HomeAid Colorado to assist the homeless in Colorado and helped administer food deliveries to COVID front-line workers.

“Amy’s success as a Kentwood employee is absolutely a testament to her personal character, and we are thrilled to learn that she has earned a Stevie® Award,” said Gretchen Rosenberg, President and CEO of Kentwood Real Estate. “Her significant and impactful contributions to aiding our clients, as well as those in need, guides Kentwood’s deep roots in the community and belief that “we accomplish more together.” Our clients and community know they can count on Kentwood staff, thanks in large part to Amy, for advice and support that drive tangible results for their personal businesses and beyond.”

In 2020, more than 1,500 nominations from organizations and individuals around the world were submitted for consideration in various categories, and more than 180 business professionals working in seven specialized judging committees determined the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners. The 2020 Stevie® Awards ceremony will take place virtually on December 9th at 2:00 pm MST. To learn more about Kentwood Real Estate and Amy Herrington, visit

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Three Ways Low Inventory Is a Win for Sellers

The number of houses for sale today along the front range is significantly lower than the high buyer activity in the current housing market. According to Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors (NAR):

“There is no shortage of hopeful, potential buyers, but inventory is historically low.” 

When the demand for homes is higher than what’s available for sale, it’s a great time for homeowners to sell their house. Here are three ways low inventory can help you win if you’re ready to make a move this fall.

1. Higher Prices

With so many more buyers in the market than homes available for sale, homebuyers are frequently entering into bidding wars for the houses they want to purchase. This buyer competition drives home prices up. As a seller, this can definitely work to your advantage, potentially netting you more for your house when you close the deal.

2. Greater Return on Your Investment

Rising prices mean homes are also gaining value, which drives an increase in the equity you have in your home. In the latest Homeowner Equity Insights Report, CoreLogic explains:

“In the second quarter of 2020, the average homeowner gained approximately $9,800 in equity.” 

This year-over-year growth in equity gives you the ability to put that money toward a down payment on your next home or to keep it as extra savings.

3. Better Terms

When we’re in a sellers’ market like we are today, you’re in the driver’s seat if you sell your house. You have the power to sell on your terms, and buyers are more likely to work with you if it means they can finally move into their dream home.

So, is low housing inventory a big deal?

Yes, especially if you want to sell your house at the perfect time. Today’s market gives sellers immense negotiating power. However, it won’t last forever, especially as more sellers return to the housing market next year. If you’re considering selling your house, the best time to do so is now.

Bottom Line

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the current sellers’ market, reach out to a Kentwood agent to determine your best move in the Colorado market.

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CEO Reflections

Written by Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg

Jim Collins’ classic bestseller Good to Great celebrates it’s 20th anniversary of publication next year. At Kentwood Real Estate we’ve taken many of Collins’ insights to heart.

Discipline is where it’s at

Of the many examples of success cited in the book, one word stands out and is repeated – discipline. Discipline of people, thought, and action. Getting the right people on board and creating single-minded goals, remaining focused on execution and honest about the facts of a situation, and finally focusing on what is important.

Disciplined People

We remain committed to being a brokerage of elite agents who collaborate and excel. Kentwood agents are never part-timers and always bring a level of real estate or business experience to their profession. Kentwood staff and management recognize the importance of creating value for our consumers and our agents. It’s a partnership of the best of the best who are embedded in our community.

Disciplined Thought

Kentwood brokers recognize the great honor it is when our clients entrust us to help them accomplish their real estate goals. We excel in many aspects of real estate; marketing, analysis, negotiation, but we’re passionate about listening and understanding what our clients’ needs are. We want to grow your nest egg and net worth and provide comfort at home, and through that, we grow our company.

Disciplined Action

We trust our people to act consistent with our company values. We encourage freedom and responsibility to do the right thing. We’re confident that we accomplish more together and that deep roots matter. Our team of agents are among the most successful brokers in the U.S. and they possess the experience to assess potential in any given situation. Our team of staff and managers keep focused on helping our agents succeed for their clients.

Kentwood Real Estate’s nearly 40 years of success is borne of these disciplines. Our passion to inspire people to imagine the next steps in their life journey is how we start every day. We’re here to help!

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CEO Reflections

Written by Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg

Rooted In… Community Engagement

Be a Giver

Kentwood Real Estate and our ancillary companies like Denver Rental, Kentwood Commercial, Kentwood Relocation, and Prosperity Home Mortgage are filled with people with a passion.

We’re passionate about where we live and work and about giving to our communities in myriad ways. Our company purpose states “Deep Roots Matter” because we believe in our core that where you live is more than the sticks and bricks of your abode.


This week dropping your ballot in a vote box or heading to the polls on Tuesday are the best ways to demonstrate your civic engagement. Don’t sit on the sidelines hoping others will do the heavy lifting. Aside from the big races, we have many important ballot initiatives on the Colorado ballots that will impact our lives in large and small ways. Consider all sides of the equation and make a choice. Then take that ballot and drop it in a secure box by Tuesday afternoon or find your local polling place if that’s your preference.


The list of where our people volunteer their time and send their donations is lengthy. Check out more information on how we’re rooted in community at Stand alongside our volunteers and help. This week alone we raised hundreds of dollars and filled a truck with donations on a few hours’ notice to help the Grand County fire victims. We don’t have an office in Grand County and only a couple of our brokers sell in that region. But all Coloradoans are our neighbors and we’re here to help the communities we love.

Give – Engage – Vote 

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Kentwood Real Estate Welcomes New Brokers to Its Team

Kentwood Real Estate recently welcomed a set of dynamic new brokers to its offices throughout Colorado. With these new additions, Kentwood expands its level of expertise, integrity, and reliability, solidifying its reputation as the brokerage to trust in Colorado.

Kentwood is committed to working with only the finest agents. Many of our esteemed brokers serve on committees and Boards of Directors of real estate associations throughout the state, and all are active and respected in their communities. As an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway’s HomeServices of America, Kentwood has access to the resources of leading real estate brands. Yet, our locally-managed offices allow for our in-depth, extensive knowledge of where we – and our clients – live. 

At Kentwood, we believe that the best, most productive agents are those that know their communities inside and out. When we hire new brokers, we put our full trust in them that they will serve as consummate professionals: trustworthy, dedicated, and ethical. Kentwood Real Estate is “rooted in community,” and our diverse team of agents regularly participates in charity events, volunteers, and supports local restaurants and businesses. 

Our latest brokers to join the Kentwood family are:

  • Anna Brady – 1/9/2020
  • Megan Heagle – 1/10/2020
  • Josh Steck – 2/3/2020
  • David Powell – 2/5/2020
  • Christina Albus – 2/6/2020 
  • Brian Noel – 2/7/2020
  • Sparkle Berkley – 2/26/2020
  • Andrea Jones – 3/24/2020 
  • Jay Modglin – 5/12/2020
  • Lindsay Ripley – 6/17/2020 
  • Lisa Gould – 6/24/2020 
  • Terri Barnes, 7/8/2020
  • Allison Kitchen – 8/19/2020
  • Kiki Faircloth – 8/20/2020
  • Eli Boone – 8/20/2020
  • KiKi Cannon – 8/25/2020 
  • Peter Boland – 8/26/2020
  • Virginia Reiman – 8/31/2020 
  • Sam Valenzuela – 9/11/2020
  • Josh Haakinson – 9/29/2020
  • Danielle Ewing – 10/20/2020 

As real estate demand across Colorado revs up, Kentwood Real Estate continues to grow to meet the needs of buyers and sellers.

Kentwood Real Estate is a proud member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), the Colorado Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (CAHREP), the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®) Denver Chapter, the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). Additionally, our brokers belong to such esteemed associations as the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®, Boulder Area REALTORS® Association, Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS®, South Metro Denver REALTORS® Association, and the Colorado Association of REALTORS®. To learn more about Kentwood Real Estate and available listings, visit

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Kentwood Real Estate Announces Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

In its commitment to addressing homeownership disparity in Colorado and the real estate industry, Kentwood Real Estate has formulated a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council. The council is actively identifying and executing on initiatives to help underserved communities and to educate the brokers and staff through education, community activation and engagement, and by influencing policies.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion within our brokerage and our neighborhoods has always been a top priority to our leadership team,” said Gretchen Rosenberg, president and CEO of Kentwood Real Estate. “The DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Council is a place to create conversations in safe open dialogue. We want to unite the company, learning about our differences, and highlighting how this makes us stronger. We want to create a regular cadence of internal communication about opportunities for engagement in the community at large and in National Association of Realtors® affinity organizations.”

Members of the DEI Council are as follows:

Education is at the heart of the program. The DEI Council is planning an all-company panel on a range of topics tied to diversity, equity and inclusion. Furthermore, every broker in the company, plus a guest of their choosing, will be encouraged to attend at least one function per year with affinity or community groups. The ‘plus-one’ program will encourage brokers to tap into their sphere of influence to both expand education in the community and facilitate a level of comfort for people stepping into new situations.

On more granular levels, the DEI Council is examining all touchpoints within the company to find ways to ensure the brokerage is addressing diversity, equity and inclusion at every level – from translating homebuyer and seller books into Spanish, to confirming the equal housing guidelines are optimally represented on all marketing material.

Kentwood Real Estate is a proud member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), the Colorado Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (CAHREP), the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®) Denver Chapter, the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). Kentwood Real Estate is passionate about and committed to advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion in the housing industry and beyond. To learn more about Kentwood Real Estate and available listings, visit

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September News Recap

September was a busy month for Kentwood Real Estate. See below for the list of articles in which Kentwood or our agents were featured! Remember to follow Kentwood on social media to get real-time updates on Kentwood news highlights!

Colorado Real Estate News

CEO Reflections

Rooted in Value

Accolades vs. Action

We have many accolades to tout at Kentwood Real Estate, but we’re laser-focused on the customer service actions needed to meet both our clients’ expectations and their goals. Without a deep concentration on the excellence of service, we would never get to the point of raving fans, testimonials, and accolades.

Consumers today have a plethora of models, systems, portals, and personalities to choose from as they embark on their real estate journey. Our team of commercial and residential brokers are at the top of their game because they recognize that we’re in a service business. Real estate “sales” is customer service and expert problem-solving at its core.

Service as Value

I used to joke with clients when I was still in sales that I did a lot more than the average broker. Unlike agents who used the “Three P’s” as a marketing plan, (Put out a sign, Put it in the MLS and Pray,) I offered my clients a list of over 40 behind the scenes activities that they may not have realized their real estate broker should be accomplishing for them.

Does your broker conduct an ownership and encumbrance and tax search on your property or the property you’re making an offer on? Research the condition of the title and zoning? Make sure the HOA covenants and declarations are in your hands for review? 

Does your broker complete a well-considered market analysis for the commercial property or home you’re selling and buying? (And explain how their knowledge and expertise informs that report?) How does your broker expose your property? Qualify prospects? Protect you from shady inquiries or unhealthy/unsafe showings?

Does your broker consistently seek feedback and provide it to you in a timely and valuable way? Negotiate on your behalf? Represent your best interests while balancing the needs of both buyer and seller to get to the end game desired? 

Have you received an estimated net proceeds for a variety of prices? Been guided through the maze of legal documents and referred to an attorney if needed? Do you know if a complete appraisal package has been prepared and provided to the appraiser? Have you been guided through the inspection process and informed on how to best tackle these secondary negotiations?

But Wait! There’s More!

The list of what your Kentwood Real Estate broker can and will provide you in terms of service and support during your transaction continues. It’s so robust that you should make an appointment with a Kentwood broker for more detail soon.

Now is a great time to be a seller, and many buyers are looking for property to purchase. Reach out and learn about why we consistently earn awards and accolades at Kentwood. It’s because we make it about YOU!

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A Homeowner’s Net Worth Is 40x Greater Than a Renter’s

One of the best ways to build your financial future is through homeownership. Recent data from the Federal Reserve indicates the net worth of a homeowner is actually over 40 times greater than that of a renter. If it’s time to start thinking about buying a home, reach out to our Kentwood Real Estate brokers, the perfect professionals to answer your questions. 

Every three years the Survey of Consumer Finances shows the breakdown of how owning a home helps build financial security. In the graph below, we see that the average net worth of homeowners continues to grow, while the net worth of renters tends to hold fairly steady and be significantly lower than that of homeowners. The gap between owning and renting just keeps getting wider over time, making homeownership more and more desirable for those who are ready.

Owning a home is a great way to build wealth.

For many, homeownership serves as a form of ‘forced savings.’ Every time you pay your mortgage, you’re contributing to your net worth by increasing the equity you have in your home (See chart below):

The impact of home equity is part of why Gallup reports that Americans picked real estate as the best long-term investment for the seventh year in a row. According to this year’s survey, 35% of Americans chose real estate over stocks, savings accounts, gold, and bonds.

Today, there are great opportunities available for those planning to buy a home. The housing market has made a full recovery, and all-time low-interest rates are giving homebuyers a big boost in purchasing power. If you’re ready, buying a home this fall can set you up to increase your net worth and create a safety net for your future.

Bottom Line

To learn how you can use your monthly housing cost to build your net worth, connect with a Kentwood broker, so you have a trusted and experienced professional to guide you through the homebuying process.

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Significant Sales for September 2020 Totaling Over $42 Million in Sales Volume

Kentwood Real Estate is pleased to announce the residences that were sold by Kentwood Brokers in September 2020 priced over $2,000,000. The listings and sales had a total sales volume of over $42,000,000.

“Kentwood Real Estate is made up of 240 Broker Associates serving homebuyers and sellers all along the Front Range of Colorado,” said Gretchen Rosenberg, president and CEO of Kentwood Real Estate. “They are among the top Realtors in the nation, producing more sales volume per agent than 99 percent of all real estate companies in the U.S. Their knowledge and expertise in real estate is so valuable, and I’m honored to work alongside these consummate professionals.”

The significant sales in the month of September for Kentwood Real Estate are as follows:

Kentwood Broker Associate Wendy Glazer, part of the Denver’s Top Team, represented the seller of a 7 bedroom, 7 bath, 7,882 square-foot home in the beautiful Crestmoor Park Neighborhood that sold for $3,325,000. The sensational estate features a blend of modern and traditional architectural styles, starting with the 20-foot tall ceilings upon entering the massive mahogany front door that leads you to a floating staircase with a natural stone wall feature. The open floor plan showcases a large black-coated fireplace, and a gorgeous kitchen with two white marble quartz kitchen islands made for entertaining. Outside, enjoy Denver’s fine weather with folding glass doors, totally opening up to a heated back patio, a fireplace, and a BBQ island looking out onto the professionally landscaped and manicured yard.

Kentwood Broker Associate Edie Marks represented both the buyer and the seller of a 6 bedroom, 7 bath, 10,457 square-foot home located in The Preserve in Greenwood Village that sold for $2,900,000. The extraordinary craftsmanship of the executive home features a perfect blend of spaces for major entertaining and comfortable family living. The ¾-acre site boasts magnificent trees, a pool, fabulous waterfall and an exceptional outdoor kitchen. From its exceptional location backing to the Nature Preserve, this home has a unique combination of panoramic views and privacy.

Kentwood Broker Associate Blake O’Shaughnessy represented the seller of a 6 bedroom, 6 bath, 5,614 square-foot home in Bonnie Brae that sold for $2,880,000. The absolutely stunning custom-built Chalet home on one of the very best blocks in all of Bonnie Brae has remarkable craftsmanship. The perfectly blended architectural details are showcased as you enter the gracious foyer with paneled walls and a neutral-textured palette. The interior features a beautiful formal living room, home office, stately dining room with dry bar, and gourmet eat-in kitchen with designer finishes, a large marble island, and a walk-in pantry. The adjacent spacious family room with fireplace, coffered ceilings, and abundant light offers excellent flow for entertaining. The huge professionally-landscaped backyard comes complete with two entertaining patios, a built-in grilling station, and a fireplace. This home offers not only privacy and style but grand elegance in a truly spectacular setting.

Kentwood Broker Associate Nancy Nielsen represented the seller of a 5 bedroom, 5 bath, 6,506 square-foot home in Cherry Hills Village that sold for $2,843,050. The dramatic architectural custom masterpiece was designed by renowned architect Sears Barrett. Built on extra-deep caissons down to bedrock, this one-of-a-kind estate offers a tranquil Colorado lifestyle on over two lush acres with spectacular panoramic mountain and valley views. The welcoming entry opens to a great room with a wall of windows and features reclaimed wood floors, 16-foot wood beam and plank ceilings, a fireplace, and glass doors leading to an amazing peaceful outdoor living space. The circular staircase leads to the upper-level loft and private north wing with three bedrooms, each with private baths, balconies, and amazing views.

Kentwood Broker Associates Sandy Weigand and Chuck Gargotto represented the seller of a 5 bedroom, 7 bath, 7,595 square-foot home in The Preserve that sold for $2,525,000. Kentwood Broker Associate Gina Lorenzen represented the buyer of this home. The beautiful Tom Sattler-built modern French Country designed home has a gracious stone and stucco exterior for stunning curb appeal. The interior quality is evident throughout with knotty alder wood scrapped edge cabinetry, granite, and white oak flooring. The floorplan features a family room with high-volume beamed ceiling and beautiful stone fireplace and a richly-appointed main floor study. The finished basement offers a large family recreation space, a 1,000-bottle wine cellar, two baths, and the fifth bedroom.

Kentwood Broker Associate Edie Marks represented the seller of a 3 bedroom, 5 bath, 4,908 square-foot home in Cherry Creek North that sold for $2,195,000. Kentwood Broker Associate Sandy Weigand represented the buyer of this home. Located on one of Cherry Creek North’s premier streets, close to everything, but out of the congestion, this extraordinary home is pristine. Designer Jan Turner Hering of Newport Beach, California is responsible for the exceptional finishes and appointments that define the stunning architectural features throughout.

Kentwood Real Estate also represented the buyers of seven luxury homes that sold in September as follows

  • Blake O’Shaughnessy represented the buyer of a home in Denver Country Club that closed for $3,575,000.
  • Kentwood Broker Associates Ann Kerr & Charlotte Connolly represented the buyer of a home in Cherry Hills Village that closed for $2,775,000   .
  • Kentwood Broker Associate Josh Steck represented the buyer of a home in Buell Mansion that closed for $2,530,000.
  • Kentwood Broker Associates Kevin Garrett & Matt McNeill represented the buyer of a condo in Greenwood Village that closed for $2,494,000.
  • Kentwood Broker Associates Jennifer & Todd Markus represented the buyer of a home in Greenwood Village that closed for $2,475,000.
  • Kentwood Broker Associates Jennifer & Todd Markus represented the buyer of a home in The Preserve that closed for $2,092,500.
  • Kentwood Broker Associate Stock Jonekos represented the buyer of a condo in Cherry Creek North that closed for $2,075,000.

Notably, in 2019, Kentwood Real Estate represented four of the top 10 highest-priced home sales in metro Denver, more than any other brokerage in the top 10, according to REColorado data. To learn more about Kentwood Real Estate and available listings, visit