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Rise of Quiet Luxury

The rise of “quiet luxury” took the fashion and interior design world by storm the past couple years, but as we dive further into 2024, it is still prevalent in many design and decor choices, proving that the trend, also known as ‘old money’ style, is here to stay. But what exactly is ‘quiet luxury’, and why is it still so popular?

This shift signifies a departure from the ostentatious displays of wealth towards a more understated and refined approach to luxury living. Both the convergence of technological advancements and changing lifestyle aspirations is reshaping the luxury real estate market. Now, more than ever, we seek comfort and luxury in our homes; spaces that exude warmth, elegance, and serenity. We wish for pieces crafted from high-quality materials that will enhance our homes and our lives while acknowledging the impact on the environment. 

The Influence of Media: ‘Succession’ and Quiet Luxury

Many attribute the television series ‘Succession’ as playing a role in bringing the concept of quiet luxury to the forefront, as evidenced by the resurgence of iconic brands like Zegna, which attributes its return to profitability to the demand for understated elegance. The allure of “if you know, you know” exclusivity has become a driving force in the luxury market, challenging the dominance of mega-brands.

One example of the quiet luxury trend is a modern Hamptons mansion featured in the aforementioned ‘Succession.’ This $55 million property has been named as the epitomization of the quiet luxury movement with its discreet location, impressive amenities, and refined aesthetics. The mansion, as seen in Season 3, Episode 4, offers a blend of tranquility and opulence, showcasing the trend’s emphasis on sophistication and understated elegance.

Nearly all the homes showcased in the award-winning ‘Succession’ exemplify the quiet luxury trend through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. For instance, the $83-million San Onofre estate in Pacific Palisades, California, boasts classic architectural elements and meticulously designed interiors with expensive materials like marble and fine woodwork. The property’s amenities create an ideal setting for social gatherings, appealing to those who value high-quality networking in a discreet environment.

Other European real estate featured in ‘Succession,’ such as Villa Cetinale in Siena and Villa La Cassinella on Lake Como, further exemplify the quiet luxury characteristics. These historical properties offer timeless elegance and exclusivity, attracting high-net-worth buyers with a taste for understated opulence. 

Here are some ways you can incorporate the trend into your own home: 

  1. Embrace Warm Minimalism in a Bathroom

Bathrooms can now be more than purely functional spaces,  they are the perfect places to embrace the latest trend for quiet luxury. More homeowners want to create an oasis of wellbeing at the heart of their home so they can enjoy it as a private retreat to de-stress and unwind. For a cleaner, more modern alternative to warm minimalism, the Japandi design concept is an amalgamation of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, and presents a less is-more statement that exudes confidence. Natural materials, especially woods like the rich walnut seen on this Copenhagen collection, are commonplace and perfect for softening a contemporary luxury bathroom while still leaning into the warm minimalism of the quiet luxury trend.

  1. Curate a Kitchen That Feels Like a Living Space 

The kitchen of 2024 is evolving into a space that goes beyond mere functionality, aiming to exude sophistication comparable to a luxury living room. The ideal luxury kitchen is a social space where friends and family can gather comfortably without the distraction of visible appliances. A key consideration for achieving quiet luxury in kitchen design is the incorporation of texture, as showcased in neutral-toned spaces. Textural elements, ranging from rough jute rugs to woven materials like wicker and stoneware vases, add depth and interest to the overall aesthetic. This emphasis on texture not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to a warmer and more inviting atmosphere, transforming the kitchen into a multifunctional haven.

  1. Minimize Noise and Clutter in the Home

“Hushing the house” or quieting the home originates from a decluttering perspective, aiming to create a serene and muted living space that allows the elements of shapes, materials, and colors to harmonize rather than overwhelm. This approach embraces a “less-is-more” mentality while preserving warmth through careful consideration of color and texture. A sublime palette of neutrals and furniture that promotes calmness and cohesion in a quiet luxury living room. The goal is to craft an enduring and elegant space that remains timeless, versatile enough for both relaxation and entertaining, ensuring it won’t go out of style.

  1. A Luxury Quiet Bedroom for Deep Slumber 

The bedroom serves as an ideal space to embrace the quiet luxury movement, with a focus on creating a cozy and calm environment for rest and relaxation. Surrounding oneself with aesthetically pleasing items, such as amethyst and aromatherapy oils, can also enhance sleep. Additional relaxation options include silk-covered weighted blankets, known for reducing restlessness and aiding in faster sleep onset. Personalizing the space with nature-inspired designs, whether through artwork or framed pressed flowers, adds a luxurious touch. Introducing a rug, ideally on either side of the bed, provides a soft underfoot experience in the morning. The choice of bedroom color scheme is equally important, as colors can soothe, warm, and nurture, influencing sleep quality, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Beyond Physical Attributes: The Lifestyle of Quiet Luxury

The quiet luxury trend extends beyond the physical attributes of a property, encompassing a lifestyle marked by understated opulence. These homes prioritize privacy, comfort, and a sense of sanctuary. Rather than flaunting extravagant features, they rely on a carefully curated approach that resonates with the discerning preferences of high-net-worth individuals.

As the luxury real estate market continues to transform, the “quiet luxury” trend is reshaping the way many approach luxury living, and defining a new era in luxury real estate. The fusion of technology and refined aesthetics promises an exciting journey ahead in the pursuit of subtle opulence.

*Updated as of March 6, 2024