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Northern Colorado Market Trends

The Northern Colorado market continues to show an adjustment.
However, as we close out the end of the year and holiday season, we continue to see many opportunities as the market normalizes into 2023.

Fort Collins detached homes sale volume decreased again this month.
The decrease went from $115,422,085 to $72,915,216 in November 2022. 112 detached homes were sold this month compared to 184 in 2021, a 39.13 percent decrease, a slightly larger decrease than the previous month. Attached home sales were also significantly down from the previous year, from 88 in November 2021 to 33 this year, a 62.50 percent decrease.

Berthoud experienced a much bigger decrease in their detached homes price total sales.
At $6,953,500 in November 2022, versus $33,376,014 in November 2021, this was a 79.17 percent decrease, a continual decrease that was larger than last month’s. The average sales home price increased, however, by 16.67 percent, from 596,000 last year to $695,350, mirroring the same as last month. Attached homes experienced a relatively large increase in total sales volume from $2,125,031 in 2021 to $3,194,099 this month.

Meanwhile, Timnath saw another increase year-over-year in detached homes sold.
Bucking a month-to-month trend, Timnath’s detached market went from 21 homes sold in November 2021 to only 10 homes in November 2022, a 52.38 percent decrease. In its attached market, Timnath also experienced an increase from one in 2021 to six in November 2022.

Boulder saw a massive decrease in detached sales volume year-over-year while also seeing another drastic decrease in detached home sales.
In the detached market, the total November sales volume went from $321,697,815 in November 2021 to $170,495,664 in November 2022, a decrease of 47 percent. The attached market also saw a decrease in sales from 149 in November 2021 to 81 this month.

Loveland followed the trend with another decrease in detached average home sales.
In Loveland’s detached market, residents saw 87 sales in November 2022 versus 131 in November 2021, a 33.59 percent decrease, with the average sales price for a detached home decreasing slightly from $569,077 in 2021 to $535,190.

*Updated December 8, 2022