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Northern Colorado Market Trends

The Northern Colorado market continues to react to economic factors in June.
Fort Collins saw the most inventory on the market since September 2020, suggesting buyer demand has decreased a bit in the current climate.

Fort Collins detached homes sold for a record-high median price of $720,960.
In comparison to 2021, that is a 24.30 percent increase, up from $580,015. Fort Collins detached homes on average sell after 32 days, which is not much from this time last year when it was 26 days on the market but is a lagging indicator that suggests days on the market will grow. 226 detached homes sold in June, down from 266 last year, however, the sales volume was up 5.61 percent. Attached homes in Fort Collins saw a similar story, with 81 condo and townhome sales in June versus 123 in June 2021, down 34.15 percent.

Berthoud saw a significant increase in their detached homes price average.
At $712,956 in June 2022, this was a 24.59 percent increase from 2021 when it was $572,224. Likely impacting this
number some is that 52 detached homes were sold in June 2022 versus 45 in June 2021.

Meanwhile, Timnath saw another substantial decrease year-over-year in detached homes sold.
Timnath’s detached market went from 42 homes sold in June 2021 to 21 homes in June 2022, a 50 percent
decrease. In its attached market, however, Timnath experienced a substantial increase at 11 versus 1 in June 2022, a 1000 percent increase. All together, Timnath had 32 total sales for the month.

Boulder saw a substantial decrease in sales volume year-over-year, signifying the changing market.
In the detached market, the total June sales volume went from $218,473,943 in June 2021 to $161,868,300 in June
2022, a decrease of 25.91 percent. The condo and townhome attached market saw a decrease in sales of 23.16 percent from 95 in June 2021 to 73 this month.

Loveland saw a decrease as well in detached average home sales.
In Loveland’s detached market, residents saw 160 sales in June 2022 versus 205 in June 2021 with the average sales price for a detached home climbing from $515,779 to $585,152.

*Updated July 8, 2022.