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Best Smart Home Technology to Include in your Home 2022

Smart home automation allows you to add a personal touch to your home and provides homeowners with comfort, security, convenience and energy efficiency. In the rapidly advancing technological environment we live in, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of products available. Here, we lay out home automation companies worth your attention in 2022.

To impress your guests is one system that has been turning heads in the marketplace. This home automation system allows you to speak naturally, giving intricate commands rather than the outdated, robot-like commands we give to our iPhones. Since privacy is a concern for most, has ensured that the system will not eavesdrop on your conversation unless prompted by the user. If you are one for innovation, luxury, uniqueness and personalization, this system may be perfect for you.

Safety and Security
For homeowners primarily concerned with home security, Simplisafe is a great option. Simplisafe offers live professional alerts, live-video verification, and a sleek, difficult-to-notice design built to protect your home even if the wifi or power goes out. This system allows you to monitor each aspect of your home, whether it is the temperature or video cameras so if either you work at the office, are out of town, or just getting groceries, you are always able to have a second pair of eyes on your residence.

Energy Efficient
For the “Thermostat Dads” or energy savers, the Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the newest and most innovative smart home thermostats. The elegantly-designed system intelligently automates your home’s heating and cooling schedule customized to your residence. This personalized system creates energy efficiency, saves money and allows you to never worry about constantly changing the temperature again.

Whether you are one for personalization, home security or energy efficiency a smart home
automation system may be a budgetary consideration for 2022.