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Northern Colorado Market Trends

North Colorado Market Saw a Decrease in Homes Sold Across the Board. BUT…

Don’t be fooled. Median home prices still increased as we head into our spring market.

Fort Collins detached homes were selling for a median price of $676,008.

Fort Collins detached homes on average sell after 35 days on the market compared to 47 days last year. There were 146 detached homes sold this March, down from 191 last year, meaning the sales volume was down 14.14 percent. Attached homes in Fort Collins saw a similar story, with attached homes seeing 39 sales in March 2022 versus March 2021 at 75. Sales volume saw a decrease of 33.05 percent from $26,745,304 to $17,905,085.

Average days on market decreased significantly year-over-year for detached and attached homes in Berthoud.

Berthoud’s detached market experienced a 32.35 percent decrease from 68 days in 2021 to 46 days in 2022, and its attached housing market saw less of a dramatic decrease but still experienced a 6.06 percent decrease from 99 to 93.

Meanwhile, Timnath saw another drastic decrease year-over-year in homes sold.

Timnath’s detached market went from 25 homes sold in 2021 to 15 homes, a 40 percent decrease. In its attached market, Timnath also experienced a drastic decrease in home sales at 39 versus 138 days in March 2021, a 71.74 percent decrease. All together, Timnath had 18 total sales for the month.

Boulder unsurprisingly saw a large increase in sales volume year-over-year in detached and attached homes.

In the detached market, the average sales price climbed from $1,450,421 in March 2021 to $1,732,282 in March 2022, an increase of 19.43 percent. The attached market saw an increase of 30.28 percent from $557,559 to a staggering $726,390.

Loveland saw a massive drop in detached sales but continues to show its desirability.

In Loveland’s detached market, residents saw 100 sales in March 2022 versus 175 in March 2021. However, the average sales price for a detached home rose from $9,100,750 to $11,901,786. Meanwhile, their detached market saw a 19.94 percent increase from $457,107 to $594,958 in March 2022.

*Written April 6, 2022. Updates may be available after this date.