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Northern Colorado Market Trends

2022 NoCo Market Following Suit With Denver Metro. 

January in NoCo mirrored Denver Metro in that inventory was substantially low, yet sales volume continued to grow. Beginning with Fort Collins, there simply were not a lot of homes on the market in the popular region, with only 82 detached home sales versus 132 in 2021. 

The median price for a Fort Collins detached home landed at $605,776.

Compared to 2021, when average detached home sales came in at $537,643, Fort Collins right now is selling homes at an average rate that is 12.67 percent higher than last year. Average days on the market for a detached home plummeted as well to 39 in January 2022 versus 56 this same time last year. Meanwhile, there were 44 attached homes sold in Fort Collins for January this year, down 38.03 percent from 71 last year, with sales volume understandably dropping as well by 30.50 percent to $16,679, 440.

Average days on market increased year-over-year again for detached and attached homes in Berthoud.

Berthoud’s detached market experienced a substantial 84.62 percent increase from 65 days in 2021 to 120 days in 2022, and its attached housing market experienced a 12.79 percent increase from 219 to 247 days. Together, there were 51 homes sold in the market in January 2022. 

Meanwhile, Timnath saw both a decrease and increase year-over-year in homes sold in its attached and detached market.

Timnath’s detached market went from 24 homes sold in 2021 to 10 homes, a 58.33 percent decrease, similar to last month. In its attached market, Timnath however experienced an increase in home sales at 5 versus 3 in January 2021, a 66.67 percent increase, with sales volume in the attached market rising 20.08 percent as well.  

Loveland continues to surprise, selling more homes in a inventory-less environment. 

In Loveland’s detached market, home sales climbed from 58 in 2021 to 65 last month, a 16.07 percent increase. Meanwhile, their attached market saw 22 home sales, up from 15 in 2021. 

*Written February 7, 2022. Updates may be available after this date.