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Northern Colorado Market Trends

The market is back to its usual fire in November.

While October looked like there might be some slowdown, November is back to its usual chaos as we slide into the holiday season.

Average days on market in November increased year-over-year for certain parts of northern Colorado’s housing markets except Fort Collins, Berthoud and Timnath.

Timnath only had one closed attached sale and 20 closed detached sales. Berthoud’s attached market experienced a 7.18% decrease from 195 days in 2020 to 181 days in 2021 and its detached housing market experienced a 38.18% decrease from 110 to 68 days.

Less inventory means less home sales in northern Colorado.

Closed sales were generally down year-over-year across most of northern Colorado in November, with Timanth’s attached market taking the lead down 80% from 5 sales to 1 and its detached market in second place with a decrease of 23.08% from 26 days to 20.

Average home sale price increases across northern Colorado.

Despite fewer homes selling, average sales prices have increased year-over-year across all of northern Colorado (with the exception of Timnath’s attached market since there was only one sale). Loveland’s attached and detached market saw a substantial year-over-year increase in average sales price with its attached market seeing a 27.74% from $10,611,047 to $13,554,440. Loveland’s detached housing market experienced a 27.68 percent increase from $57,210,124 to $73,046,917. Meanwhile, Windsor saw a staggering 81.88% increase in average sales prices from $2,922,300 to $5,315,170, leading the way this past month.

Fort Collins continues to prove its desirability with a 21.30% increase in sales volume.

Detached sales in November 2021 went from $92,986,284 in November 2020 to a notable $112,791,880. Attached sales also saw an impressive increase in sales from 66 in 2020 to 82 in 2021, meaning that despite inventory being hard to come by, there are still great opportunities out there on the market!

*Written December 5, 2021. Updates may be available after this date.

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