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N-ice Activities in Colorado

Winter in Colorado is a magical wonderland on its own. While the cold weather may send you running to curl up by the fireplace, there are special activities that you can learn and explore. Whether with family or friends, you can enjoy this season exploring these unique adventures in Colorado.

Ice Skating

Ice skating may seem like the typical Hallmark movie activity. However, it is a winter staple for a reason. With rinks in Fort Collins

and Denver, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere around the pedestrian areas and local cafes. With a picturesque mountain view, you can glide across the 40-acre Evergreen Lake. From Vail Resort to Ouray’s Swiss-like rink, there are many attractive options for you to skate in. Find your dream skating rink here.

Ice Fishing

Do you love to fish in the summer? Have you tried ice fishing yet? This experience is one of a kind. Sitting in a chair on a frozen lake and waiting for your catch, surrounded by the tranquility of nature, is truly a surreal experience. With Colorado’s abundant reservoirs and state parks, you have access to places designed to guarantee a catch. The only caveat: Be sure to get your fishing license. Add tension to your line at these spots.

Dog Sledding

With a powerful pack of huskies, you can sled your way through the beautiful Colorado mountains. This one-of-a-kind winter adventure takes you on a tour through the natural wonderland of Colorado’s backcountry. Several resorts in popular towns like Snowmass and Breckenridge offer dog sledding tours; local and family-owned dog sledding businesses also offer treks in various mountain towns. Learn more about this safe and exciting activity here.


With the snowy mountain tops, speeding through the powder is an activity one should not miss. If you feel the need for speed, snowmobiling is right up your alley. With family-friendly options, you can go on excursions in Colorado’s high country in popular areas, including Winter Park and Grand Lake. Embark upon your snowy adventure here.

With many seasonal activities out there, you can enjoy the unparalleled Coloradan lifestyle with your family and friends. Who says skiing and snowboarding are the only options for a thrill?