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Fall Maintenance Tips

Now that fall has rolled in, it’s time to start considering how best to prepare your home for the looming cold front. Fall weather provides the perfect opportunity to accomplish everything you need before the snow comes knocking on your front door. 

Whether you want to avoid potential winter damages or keep your home looking its best during the spring or summer, there’s no better season to plan for the future. Here are some fall maintenance tips that will keep you one step ahead:

Maintain Your Lawn

If you’d like to impress guests with a green and luscious yard during warm seasons, it’s essential to maintain your lawn before the cold weather blows in. Lawn Doctor emphasizes that fertilizing in the fall will give your lawn plenty of nutrients, help it endure the winter and strengthen the grass’s growth in the spring. 

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are pivotal in blocking water from entering your home. Autumn leaves can clog gutters—and if left unattended, can cause problems when the snow starts to fall. Backed-up leaves can eventually freeze and add extra weight to the gutters, leading to potential damage and unwanted repairs. Fixr specifies that a single damaged seam in a gutter can cost $150, and more significant repairs could be priced up to $2,000. 

Fix Up Your Trees

Neglected trees undoubtedly pose a threat to your home. Thinning out dead or weak branches before a winter storm can reduce the risk of damage to property, cars or other possessions. Be sure to monitor trees with dead branches or branches hanging above risky areas. 

Check for Drafts

An easy way to keep your energy bill as low as possible is to search for drafts around the house. Most drafts are found around windows but don’t forget to examine doors, chimneys and wiring holes such as electrical outlets. 

Inspect Your Roof

According to Networx, even a tiny hole in your roof can give rise to severe complications such as roof material damage, health hazards and critter access. Dealing with such hassles is not only costly but can be extremely frustrating. Before the cold arrives, ensure that your roof is free of any holes and adequately supported to handle heavy amounts of snow. 

The autumn season offers cool air and fair weather, and there’s no better time to get your home in tip-top shape. If you want to weather the storm this winter and best prepare your home for the future, consider these fall maintenance tips.

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