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I Sold My House, Now What?

We all know Denver is a mile high, but what’s even more elevated is its housing market. Chances are your home has been sold at lightning speed. So, what should you do after you say your final goodbyes?

Keep Copies of Closing and Settlement Papers

It’s imperative to keep relevant paperwork so you can show documentation when filing taxes. If you won’t need additional forms for your tax return, it is still helpful to hold onto these papers if you become audited. Buying a file box or clasp envelopes can make your documents more organized and easier to find, sparing you the headache of losing important information. 

Hire a Reliable Moving Service

Your valuables are sentimental, from your baby’s first shirt to the vase your grandmother gave you before she passed. That’s why it’s crucial to hire trustworthy and competent movers. Kentwood’s relocation services offer various helpful tools, from temporary living and rental assistance to moving and settling-in services.

Be Mindful About Your Next Down Payment

When considering your next property, it’s vital to choose an appropriate size for your down payment since it has implications on mortgage programs. A 20% down payment is standard since it usually provides the best loan conditions and avoids expensive mortgage insurance; however, be sure to speak with an experienced mortgage lender to determine the best course of action for you.

Our partners at Prosperity Home Mortgage are always happy to serve you as well!

Send Notices That Your Address Changed

It would be quite a shame if your dachshund’s hot dog costume arrived at your old residence. That’s why it’s essential to send change-of-address notices, especially for something more serious than your Amazon accounts like family and friends, places of employment, billing companies and investment accounts. 

You can set up an overarching change-of-address through USPS that will route certain classes of mail for a period of up to 12 months for only $1.05.

Selling a property is a huge accomplishment. You are moving forward, ready for change and new beginnings. While challenging, following these tips will alleviate the hassle and uncertainty of “What’s next?” Through buying, selling and relocating to your new home, Kentwood Real Estate is here to provide ease and support on your homeownership journey.