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Top Reasons to Look for Your Next House Over Holiday Weekends

Written by Gretchen Rosenberg, President and CEO of Kentwood Real Estate

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As Memorial Day approaches, we remember and honor those servicemen and women who gallantly and selflessly served our country and paid the ultimate price. Many people will be spending the weekend in reflection, visiting cemeteries and memorials to honor friends, relatives and strangers.

While remembrance is the most vital part of the Memorial Day weekend, it also signifies the unofficial start of summer for so many people. Whether you’re planning to spend the weekend celebrating or reflecting, if you’re in the real estate market this may be a good weekend to check with your agent to see if there are homes or properties that meet your criteria.

Buyers Will Be Off the Field

We’re hearing of buyers who have taken themselves out of the game, at least temporarily. Which could mean relative ease for those buyers who want to stay active over the upcoming summer holidays. If home sellers experience fewer showings, buyers could be in a better position. Perhaps reducing the number of competing offers to just a few, or none.

Sellers Will Be Motivated

Sellers who have their homes on the market for more than a week are getting antsy. They hear about multiple offers within hours and become concerned if that’s not their experience. Even with the expert guidance of a broker who can explain that the process varies across prices and locations, we’ve heard of Sellers who are finding themselves disappointed when they don’t get above list in hours. A slower holiday weekend might be a great time for buyers to take advantage of slowing the process down. Having plenty of time in a home to really take it in and a negotiation that is more give and take, win/win.

School’s Out for the Summer

Finally, with school ended or ending soon and summer vacations not quite starting, Sellers who have their homes on the market will be anxious to get a deal done before the dog days of summer set in.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a buyer who has a desire to spend a part of your Memorial Day weekend house hunting, this could be a great time to catch a deal, or at least find a home that suits you without as much competition as we’ve been experiencing as of late. Contact a Kentwood Real Estate broker to get the home buying or home selling process going and start your search on We represent clients all up and down the Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.