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Spring Thaw Hikes in Colorado

Image of pair of hiking shoes

As the snow is melting, spirits are rising. After months of hibernating inside, it may feel like time to explore the ethereal outlooks Colorado has to offer. Check out this list of 5 Colorado hikes for you to embrace the fresh air, warm weather and revitalizing sunshine.

Flagstaff Trailhead
If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll paired with a panorama, the Flagstaff Trailhead in Boulder, CO is for you. With a drive just as gorgeous as the hike, gaze over the Boulder and Denver cityscape freshly sprinkled with greenery. Not only will it satisfy your need for nature, but the infinite sight will also inspire the depths of your imagination. 

High Dune Trail
To explore dreamlike terrain and break a sweat, try the idyllic High Dune Trail. While humanity has not made it to Mars, this trail will most definitely inspire extraterrestrial allure and an elevated heart rate. Hiking up the sandy mounds, you’ll experience a sense of awe with their expansive appearance and a backsplash of Colorado’s foothills. The challenging incline will leave you breathless, literally.

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail
Change up morning monotony for a sunrise on Sugarloaf Mountain Trail. Get a taste of pure beauty with views of the Indian Peaks to the West and the Front Range to the East. The 360-degree views will bless your eyes with a rich color palette of beautiful wildflowers. Dogs can use this trail if kept on a leash so you and your four-legged friend can have a sweet start to your day. 

Mills Lake
Are you craving a waterside front? Mills Lake will quench your desire with striking waterfalls, mountains, and a subalpine lake with prime real estate for picnics. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, hike to this refreshing oasis by starting at the Glacier Gorge Trailhead, located on Bear Lake Road. Note that Rocky Mountain National Park charges for daily entrance passes per vehicle or individual if on foot, horse or bike. You can also purchase an annual pass for $70 (here).

Red Rock Canyon
If you’re in the mood to cover terrain that looks like it’s from a prehistoric era, Red Rock Canyon Open Space is for you. While there are no dinosaurs, the angular, copper-colored rocks called “hogbacks” appear to be straight out of the Jurassic period, and for a closer look, there is rock climbing available (permit required). Featuring trails of all levels, an off-leash dog area and fantastic views of Garden of the Gods, walk among the series of parallel red rock ridges with a renewed sense of wonder.