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Northern Colorado Distilleries

Image of an empty bar at a distillery

Here in Colorado, we love our craft alcoholic beverages. From beer to spirits, we adore them all. If you’re looking for a taste of Colorado craft culture, head to Northern Colorado. The Fort Collins area is full of locally owned and operated distilleries with liquors that will quench your thirst and brighten your spirits.  

Elevation 5003 Distillery
With open indoor and outdoor seating, Elevation 5003 Distillery is perfect for those looking for a fun tasting experience in an elevated atmosphere. They focus on inventive hand-crafted spirits, and every step of the creation process takes place in-house. This innovative distillery started as a passion project but has grown into a prominent pillar of the Fort Collins craft spirits community.

Feisty Spirits Distillery
If you are feeling spunky, speed on down to Feisty Spirits Distillery! Focusing on small-batch American whiskeys, Feisty Spirits is full of feisty and spirited artisans passionate about their craft. This distillery is the perfect place to add a little spice to your day with a handcrafted whisky, bourbon, malt or rye.  

Mobb Mountain Distillery
Are you looking for great rye or gin? Then mosey on over to Mobb Mountain Distillery. Founded on the principles of adventure, sustainability, community and quality, Mobb Mountain is sure to tickle your tastebuds. They have recently reopened their patio, so be sure to stop by for some splendid spirits and sunshine!

Old Town Distilling Co.
The Old Town Distilling Co. is located in the Fort Collins brewing district. As Colorado’s first and only certified organic distillery, Old Town sources its raw ingredients from all over the state. They are proud to adhere to the most sustainable practices when crafting their delicious booze and distribute their spent vodka and whiskey grains to local cattle and hog farmers. 

Coppermuse Distillery
If you’re looking to be inspired, why not try out a new muse? Coppermuse Distillery is the ideal locale for those who want a unique liquor tasting experience. Their tasting room is full of spectacular handcrafted spirits and cocktails, infusions and weekly food specials. So, stop by Coppermuse for some great booze and a tasty bite. 

Old Elk Distillery
Old Elk Distillery is known for its Dry Town™ Gin and Vodka, but their product line doesn’t stop there. As the new kids on the block, Old Elk Distillery has stepped into the Fort Collins craft alcohol scene with a bang. They were even named the Colorado Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition. So, if you want to try award-winning locally crafted booze, check out the Reserve Old Elk’s tasting room.  

NOCO Distillery
NOCO Distillery is a craft micro distillery that produces high-quality whisky, gin, rum, vodka and brandy. Focusing on small-batch distilling, NOCO uses handcrafted, American-made copper stills and American and European oak casts in their process. They also source local raw ingredients as much as they can and use Colorado botanicals and fruits in their delicious spirits. So, if you want to get a taste of environmentally conscious Colorado craft spirits, take a trip to NOCO. 

In Colorado, making liquor or beer is more than a process; it is a craft, and the Fort Collins area is home to many spirited savants. So, if you want to step into Colorado craft culture and take a sip of in-house-made liquor Northern Colorado is the place for you. Just be sure to enjoy your alcohol adventure responsibly.