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How to Maximize Your Home Sale

Selling your home in Denver’s white-hot real estate market might seem like a breeze with houses flying off the shelves in record time, however, getting the highest possible return on your home sale is not as easy as you might think. If you’re looking to sell for the best attainable value, then check out these tips for how to maximize your home sale.

Hire a Skilled Real Estate Broker With a Marketing Plan

When selling your house, it may seem tempting to do it yourself or through an online site but the truth is, if you want to get the most out of your home sale you need to hire a great broker. A skilled broker will have years of experience and expertise to help you navigate the murky waters of your transaction. Along with a breadth of knowledge, experienced real estate professionals will be able to create a customized marketing plan with you that will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. 

Have Your House Professionally Cleaned

Another great way to make sure your property garners competitive offers above the asking price is to have it professionally cleaned. You may be thinking to yourself, “My place is clean. Why would I need someone else to clean it?” The simple answer is that when selling a residence, appearance is half the battle, and a professional cleaner can make your house sparkle in ways that you probably don’t have the time to do. When it comes time for showing, and your home is gleaming, people will be more likely to see its full potential and thus will probably be willing to shell out a little extra. So if you want to maximize your property sale, hire a professional cleaner. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did! 

Check Your Curb Appeal

In life and real estate, first impressions are everything so when selling your residence, it is extra essential to make sure you have that “it” factor…curb appeal. While you may not notice the overgrown shrubs or the loose hose in the front yard, your potential buyers most definitely will. So if you want your property to stand out from the herd and fetch a pretty penny, it will take a little bit of extra effort. First, check your paint. If it’s peeling, then it might be time for a minor touch-up. Next, take care of any apparent outdoor maintenance such as overgrown tree branches or garden beds overrun with weeds. Lastly, if you’re looking to add a cherry on top of your curb appeal, add some fresh flowers and mulch to your garden beds. It will make your house a more inviting home.  

Minimize Items on Surfaces

That little angel statue on the fireplace or the family photos on your dresser may mean the world to you but to a potential buyer, those are all things that mark your house as yours. If you want to gain a more significant return on your home, you might want to try making it feel like a blank slate. By putting away the small items that clutter surfaces, you subconsciously communicate to buyers that your house is open for them to make it their own.  

Have Your House Professionally Photographed

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the world of real estate, this saying is a bell that will always ring true. A professional photographer can take advantage of your home’s best qualities and make sure that your listing photos highlight the spacious dining room or the beautiful natural light in the living room. Along with amazing images, a photographer can also film a virtual house tour, and in this pandemic, more and more buyers are buying site-unseen. So a virtual property tour can make all the difference in the amount of high-value offers you receive.  

How Kentwood Can Help

Here at Kentwood, we have a diverse network of brokers who can offer you personalized advice from advertising strategies and competitive market analysis to guidance on the best ways to elevate your estate sale. Our unique Amplify service grants you access to a curated team of professionals trained on how to best enhance your home’s appearance and value with no cash out of your pocket until your property is sold. Kentwood is also proud to offer a range of virtual home selling options such as 3D video walk-throughs, online open houses and showings, as well as virtual staging options. So if you want to get the most out of your property sale, give us a call and see how Kentwood can get you the best bang for your buck!