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Fort Collins: Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum

If you are looking for a delicious restaurant and a cultural experience you can’t find anywhere else, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum in Fort Collins, Colorado is for you! This restaurant makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time and found yourself in the lively and colorful decade of the 1980s. While it serves as a nostalgic haven for those who lived through the iconic decade, owners Alex and L’aura Morgan noted that the real inspiration for the restaurant and museum was to show younger customers the amazing cultural period they were not able to experience in real time. 


The eatery took 10 years to come together, as the owners scoured the country for the most unique and decade-relevant decorations. As you eat your delicious pizza and wings, you will be surrounded by some of the most memorable artifacts from the ‘80s, including “rare vintage arcade games, cereal boxes, autographed photos, computers and handwritten lyrics from the biggest names in 1980s music.” The bright colors and plentiful decorations combine for a dining experience that will never run out of cool items to marvel at and discuss. To top it all off, many renowned celebrities from the decade have also been spotted checking out the nostalgic restaurant, such as actors and actresses from Ghostbusters and The Goonies!


While the major attraction of the restaurant is the 1980s style, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum acknowledges that no pizza restaurant can succeed without an authentic, mouth-watering recipe. They flaunt their house-made dough and sauce with 14 herbs and spices, along with delicious toppings and a variety of other savory menu options like wings, garlic parmesan twists and your choice of their many beers on tap. As you leave the restaurant, with your stomach full and eyes beaming, you won’t be able to decide which to rave about first, the memorabilia or the divine meal. 

Catering & Rentals

With all of the arcade games, memorabilia to explore and family-style dining options, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum makes the perfect choice for catering or hosting a birthday party or other fun event. If you choose to rent out the restaurant for a celebration, you are also given the option to rent an authentic 1981 DeLorean to be displayed at your event! This unique option only further adds to the incredible experience you can only find when you visit this hip spot.

The brilliant idea for a restaurant that celebrates such an eclectic decade in history has become widely known across Northern Colorado and is recommended as a must-see when passing through Fort Collins. Appealing to those who lived through the era as well as those who want to experience it for the first time, Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum will remain a hot spot and beloved location for an unforgettable dining experience.