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Best Colorado Companies/Shops for Ski Gear

photo of snowboards and skis

Ski season has begun at Colorado resorts, and COVID-19 is not stopping Coloradans from bundling up and hitting the slopes! Since skiing and snowboarding were unfortunately cut short last spring, people are eager to get back into their favorite winter sport, and maybe even buy some new gear. Let us guide you through a few of our favorite options for buying new ski and snowboard equipment in Colorado, so you can shred the mountains with style this winter!

ONLINE: Backcountry
One of the most reliable online companies for new ski supplies is Backcountry. Their easy-to-navigate site makes for a fun experience searching through all of their awesome gear for the best deals! Backcountry offers a variety of categories, so whether you’re into cross country, alpine, park skiing or snowboarding, Backcountry has it all. Plus, they are always advertising new sales on winter apparel, so you can find items like jackets and pants for up to 40% off retail price!

COLORADO CHAIN: Epic Mountain Gear
Another great store for all your shredding needs is Epic Mountain Gear. They have an online site as well as stores ALL OVER Colorado, so you can visit and browse, try different options and find what works best for you! Epic Mountain Gear is great for beginner skiers who could use the guidance of experienced employees to walk you through trying on equipment, determining the best fit, and making sure you have everything you need to set off for the mountain. They also have an excellent rental program if you’re just visiting or only hit the slopes a few times a year!

If you want to shop smaller or find local shops by the mountains, you need to check out AMR Ski Shop in Breckenridge, CO. AMR focuses on selling prime ski gear to give you the best experience possible. They stick to American and European products, which are known to be the most reliable products in the industry. They also have special deals on Thursdays as well as pre-made ski equipment packages so you can go in with nothing and come out looking like a pro! AMR values the skiing community of Breckenridge, so you can visit them for the true experience of a mountain town local.

PREOWNED: Outabounds Ski and Boards
If you’re looking for affordable and upcycled equipment, Outabounds is the store for you. Outabounds features new ski and board hardware as well as lightly used items that are up to 80% off the retail price! They are a family-owned business out of Centennial, CO, and take pride in catering to all skiers, from beginners to experts as well as skiing families. Lightly used skis and boots like the ones sold at Outabounds are perfect for new skiers who need help finding the right fit or experienced skiers who want to try out some new styles before committing to a new purchase.  If you’re looking for new supplies gear this winter, Colorado has no shortage of options! You can stay at home and shop online, visit one of the many recreational chains throughout the state, shop local and have an authentic mountain town experience, and you can even shop for lightly used materials! The opportunities are endless, and no matter what you choose, get some equipment, get out to the mountains, and enjoy another great season on the slopes!