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Written by Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg

Rooted In… Community Engagement

Be a Giver

Kentwood Real Estate and our ancillary companies like Denver Rental, Kentwood Commercial, Kentwood Relocation, and Prosperity Home Mortgage are filled with people with a passion.

We’re passionate about where we live and work and about giving to our communities in myriad ways. Our company purpose states “Deep Roots Matter” because we believe in our core that where you live is more than the sticks and bricks of your abode.


This week dropping your ballot in a vote box or heading to the polls on Tuesday are the best ways to demonstrate your civic engagement. Don’t sit on the sidelines hoping others will do the heavy lifting. Aside from the big races, we have many important ballot initiatives on the Colorado ballots that will impact our lives in large and small ways. Consider all sides of the equation and make a choice. Then take that ballot and drop it in a secure box by Tuesday afternoon or find your local polling place if that’s your preference.


The list of where our people volunteer their time and send their donations is lengthy. Check out more information on how we’re rooted in community at Stand alongside our volunteers and help. This week alone we raised hundreds of dollars and filled a truck with donations on a few hours’ notice to help the Grand County fire victims. We don’t have an office in Grand County and only a couple of our brokers sell in that region. But all Coloradoans are our neighbors and we’re here to help the communities we love.

Give – Engage – Vote