Colorado Real Estate News

CEO Reflections

Written by Kentwood Real Estate President and CEO Gretchen Rosenberg

Rooted in…Preparation

In real estate, and in life, I’ve seen repeated stories of success and asked myself, “What did she (or he) do to become so successful?” The truly inspirational people, who I count as role models, are the people who came enthusiastically prepared.

Luck or Preparation?

Lucius Annaeus Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Kentwood Real Estate brokers and staff meet this challenge daily. They come to their work endeavors enthusiastically prepared.

How is our management team helping them? By understanding our consumers, what they desire as they search for the best assistance while conducting many of the largest transactions of their lives. Then translating that knowledge into tools and resources our brokers can use to leverage our clients’ goals into real estate results. Kentwood has the best Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado real estate agents because they take preparation seriously.

Leveraging Opportunity

When I was starting out in my real estate career, nearly 25 years ago, I immediately recognized there were consummate professionals who knew their stuff and there were lazy agents who counted their commission before the ink was dry on a purchase agreement. Growing a successful real estate career is not done simply by luck. It’s a grind of hard work, long days, successes, and failures. Ultimately, it’s a result of preparation. One can be new at real estate and be a success if the preparation is focused on studiously.

The Chairman and CEO of our parent company, HomeServices of America is Mr. Warren Buffet. We’re a proud affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway and we believe they epitomize good business, preparation, and ethical practices. Plus, we can always find a relevant quote for the moment from Mr. Buffet. On the topic of preparation, he once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

When hiring a residential real estate agent, a commercial real estate broker, or a leasing and property management expert, the best way to mitigate risk is by hiring the best. People who know what they’re doing. Improve your risk/reward ratio by trusting the expert you’ve hired and knowing that they’ve spent an entire career getting prepared for this moment.