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Top Home Repairs Before Winter

How a homeowner prepares their home for the fall and winter seasons will not only save on future repair costs but shows future home buyers what great shape your home is in. If you’re anticipating your home for the next summer season, be sure to follow Kentwood Real Estate’s Fall Home Maintenance Checklist.

  • Clean gutters and downspouts throughout the season. Freezing temperatures don’t mix with gutter blockage. Be sure your gutters are directing the flow of snow and rain through the gutter system away from your home’s foundation and roof.
  • Have lawn irrigation system professionally drained/winterized. For Colorado newcomers, you must have your lawn irrigation systems professionally blown-out. If not, cold air temperatures will freeze water trapped in the pipes throughout the home.
  • Inspect roof for curling, missing or broken shingles. An out-of-sight roof needs to be checked for any missing shingles. Without shingles, water and snow can slip under the other shingles and become trapped – risking the entire roof. Don’t risk your roof because you can’t see it, call a contractor.
  • Cover and store outside furniture. A no-brainer, but necessary tip for winterization. Although you can certainly enjoy the Colorado sun outside in the winter, be sure to cover your furniture. Furniture is expensive and will fade and damage with freezing rains and intense sun.
  • Trim trees and bushes. Often the first thing future homebuyers will notice is your landscape. Be sure you prevent tree and shrub winter damage by trimming back any overgrown shrubs or trees whose branches can accumulate snow, whose weight can collapse the branch onto the home.
  • Check and inspect decks. The decks are especially susceptible to winter’s wrath. Not only will their stain fade due to the sun, but freezing rain can also seep into the wood and expand, affecting the deck’s shape and panels.
  • Make sure attic and crawl space have adequate insulation. Your home’s heat is most susceptible to the chilly outside air from leaks and inadequate insulation in your roof and crawl space. Keep the cold out and heat in by checking for missing insulation.
  • Test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Did you know carbon monoxide poisoning occurs the most in the winter season? While we bundle up inside from the cold, a carbon monoxide leak is most deadly if our alert systems haven’t been tested.
  • Check air vents to make sure they aren’t blocked. Make sure heat is spread evenly throughout the house by checking for blocked air vents. Dirty air filters, dust, and dirt are the most common culprit, but be sure there’s no leaking or damaged ductwork or furniture is not blocking the vent.

These are a few of our top fall home maintenance tips before the temperature drops. The highest costing repairs are often preventable by conducting regular checkups. If you do find an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to Colorado’s top real estate brokers at Kentwood Real Estate for referrals to trusted contractors and specialists.