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CEO Reflections

Written by Kentwood CEO and President Gretchen Rosenberg

Rooted In… Flexibility

People are saying we’re “in a new normal.”

That may be, but in the real estate industry we’ve always been required to operate with creativity, flexibility and a problem-solving mentality.

Nothing in real estate is normal. Ever.

Business Unusual

There isn’t a normal because no two real estate transactions unfold in exactly the same way. We’re adaptable in our business. Resilient and focused on the end result. In my career, I’ve seen our optimistic and positive brokers crush it year in and year out. Regardless of market conditions.

Having someone on your team with the experience to recognize patterns (because no two deals unfold exactly the same way) and translate those patterns into a winning strategy can make or save you money. Can help you stay sane and calm throughout one of the more stressful events in anyone’s life.

Life and Change

Selling your home, your business, moving up or down, applying for a mortgage. All of those can imbue a few months of your life with uncertainty. Living through these circumstances during the COVID-19 storm we’re weathering will necessitate having a strong, experienced, and focused partner by your side. At Kentwood Real Estate and within our business entities – Kentwood Relocation, Kentwood Commercial, Denver Rental, and Prosperity Home Mortgage – we have the bench strength to manage through adversity. Through the current normal and the future normal.

Automation and technology will never replace humans. Home search online is beautiful, engaging, and fun. When you get to the nitty-gritty of negotiating, managing unexpected property conditions, appraisal shortfalls, multiple competing offers, title clouds, lending delays, this is where your trusted partner will help manage stress and solve issues.

Great real estate professionals are adaptable in their business. Small scale or large, luxury or starter, we’re here to help you at Kentwood Real Estate!