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How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Denver Housing Market

Kentwood Real Estate is monitoring the ever-changing real estate landscape stemming from the coronavirus COVID-19 situation. We are staying informed and following the guidance of the CDC, Colorado Department of Public Health and the National Association of REALTORS® to ensure we are providing our clients with the ultimate in ethical, professional representation – we will take all measures to ensure a safe, productive experience.

What we are seeing in the metro-Denver residential real estate market today is that overall buyer demand in the local market is keeping activity strong. Historically low interest rates are motivating buyers, and we continue to see multiple offers. While many sellers are continuing to list their homes, some are choosing to pause temporarily. In the case more sellers wait, there will be an increased strain on housing inventory.

Housing Inventory Challenges

In February, while the stock market struggled with coronavirus fears, real estate stayed strong. Month over month, 5.6% more homes came on the market, 7% more homes shifted into a pending status, and 3% more homes closed.

The month ended with only 4,835 active listings, down 2% from January and nearly 20% year over year. For perspective, 5,083 listings went under contract in February; so, figuratively speaking, only 39 new listings came on the market that didn’t go into contract.

The ‘New’ Home Showing

To accommodate buyers in today’s new normal, listings are sanitized ahead of showings, and hand sanitizer and booties are readily available. Furthermore, virtual home tours are quickly growing in popularity. Facetime to more advanced 3-D technology are being utilized and becoming a preferred method of house hunting by many.

Real estate remains a good investment. We believe the security of real estate as a safe haven from both a psychological standpoint and an investment standpoint will resonate in future weeks and months. Real estate has always weathered economic turmoil in the long run, and will do so now.

Colorado Real Estate News

Gardening Tips to Sell Your Home in Colorado


Lush Plants, Gardens and Trees Tips to Add to a Home’s Value


Living flowers, plants, trees, and shrubbery can make a home stand out in a neighborhood. A potential buyer is able to imagine themselves living in a home with a manicured lawn, mature trees, and robust shrubs rather than the home whose lawn is patchy, unkempt or downtrodden. As a home seller looking to sell at the highest price, details matter; and so does planning for Spring’s planting.


Gardening in Colorado’s spring months has challenges unique to the state’s high elevation, low humidity, intense sunlight, dry winds, and the heavy clay natural soil. Understanding each of these aspects is critical to raising a healthy garden, plants, and lawn without worrying about replacing sickly and dying plants, which can be costly – especially for a home seller who doesn’t want to invest more than they absolutely need to.


Most homeowners with outdoor soil space think gardening is as simple as digging a hole, planting, and watering. The soil in Colorado’s Front Range is typically heavy clay with poor aeration, which is a challenge for roots and how they grow. Additionally, soil in CO without additives typically has a pH level of up to 8.5, which is a bit too alkaline for popular flowers like azaleas. The ideal pH level for most plants is 7.0, where anything below is considered acidic and above is alkaline. Before a home seller decides on a plant or digs a hole, they should determine what a new plant’s ideal pH level is and try to balance with store-bought soil or additives.


As every Colorado resident knows, April and May can bring surprise snowstorms, which can damage plants who can’t survive the weight of snowfall, especially if they’re just establishing themselves. When choosing which plants to purchase, the safer bets tend to be thicker, denser trees and shrubs that can withstand heavy snows that risk damaging branches.


Untimely freezes present a problem for some Coloradoans, particularly those in mountain communities. Frost can occur in summer months which severely shortens the growing season for certain outdoor plants. Mountain gardeners must take special precautions if they are to successfully keep plants alive throughout the spring, summer, and fall months by building outdoor greenhouses and keeping a close eye on weather forecasts.


Colorado’s light intensity can produce some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Annual plants, which might be better grown in pots, include Disacia, Angelonia, New Guinea Impatiens, and Petunias. Perennials, which can be planted into the ground with treated soils include Dianthus, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Oxeye Daisy, Purple Coneflowers, Liatris, Poppy Mallow, and more. There is a wide variety of native perennials that are grow well in Colorado’s Front Range and can be found at your local garden store, and are great selections for beautifying a staged home and supporting pollinators like bees and butterflies.


If you’re looking for trees to consider for your lawn, consider flowering trees like willows, black locusts, lindens, and honey locusts. Larger non-flowering trees that are drought resistant include the Japanese Tree Lilacs, Russian Hawthorns, American Hornbeams, or Burr Oaks.


As Colorado’s top real estate brokerage, Kentwood Real Estate encourages all Front Range home sellers to consult with our experienced brokers to be sure they’re selling their house at an ideal price. Gardening is one of many tools home sellers should consider when staging their homes for tours.

Colorado Real Estate News

Farmers’ Markets In Northern Colorado



Spring has sprung in Colorado, and while Northern Colorado is well-known for its gorgeous Rocky Mountain backdrop to the West, one of its lesser-known but equally valuable features is its vast farmland and farming culture.

Although the farmers’ market season may be delayed this spring, residents of the region are still looking forward to plenty of fresh, locally grown produce. Here’s a round-up of our favorite Northern Colorado farmers’ markets we can’t wait to visit this summer:

Larimer County Farmers’ Market

The Larimer County Farmers’ Market is held each Saturday from May 23 through October 31 in Old Town Fort Collins. Managed by Colorado State University Extension staff and Colorado Master Gardeners in Larimer County, this farmers’ market has served Fort Collins since 1975 when a group of backyard gardeners decided to share their excess produce with the community. Today, the market is a vibrant hotspot for growers and producers to connect with community residents, with vendors offering a wide variety of items including fruits, vegetables, coffee, flowers, baked goods, arts, and crafts.

Fort Collins Farmers’ Market

You can’t discuss farmers’ markets in NoCo without mentioning the Farmers’ Market Fort Collins, which is held every Sunday from May through mid-November, and twice each week with the Wednesday market from June through September. The event draws vendors and farmers from all over Northern Colorado and is held at the south end of Fort Collins at the intersection of Harmony and Lemay in front of Ace Hardware.

Berthoud Local Farmers’ Market

Each Saturday morning from June 20 through September 26, the Berthoud Local Farmers’ Market is held at Fickel Park in downtown Berthoud. Visitors can enjoy shopping from a variety of local vendors with hand-grown or crafted items, and there is a full schedule of live entertainment throughout the season with entertainers playing from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Loveland Farmers’ Market at Fairgrounds Park

This beloved event in Loveland will start on June 7, 2020, and will run every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  With a lengthy list of vendors, visitors can enjoy everything from fresh produce, dairy, and meats, to baked goods, beverages, and even pet supplies!

Greeley Farmers’ Market

The Greeley Farmers’ Market runs all year long with a Winter Market every first and third Saturday from November through April, and the regular Farmers’ Market running every Saturday from May 18 through October 26. Every market day offers something for everyone, from herbs and sauces to fruits, vegetables, bread, and bouquets, as well as live music and kids’ activities.

Windsor Farmers’ Market

The Windsor Farmers’ Market is held at Boardwalk Park in Windsor every Saturday from June through September. Visitors can expect to find local produce, meats, cheeses, eggs, and dairy, as well as homemade baked goods and jams, body and pet care, as well as information on how to get involved with local nonprofits.
With these and other markets springing up throughout Northern Colorado, there are plenty of opportunities to shop locally all year long. Make sure to check a few of these favorites off your list this Farmers’ Market season!

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Kentwood Nominations


Kentwood Real Estate Nominated in 7 Different Award Categories

Kentwood Real Estate has been nominated in seven different award categories by the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. The award categories include multiple Awards of Excellence including Outgoing Referral Production, Outgoing Sales Production, and Equivalent Closings Sales Production.

Other nominations include the 2019 Diamond Award, 2019 Pinnacle Award– Most Outgoing Broker-to-Broker Referral Closings, Most Innovative Office Design, and Highest Priced Referral at $16.9M in the 4th Quarter of 2019.



Kentwood Real Estate Wins Three Awards, Including Highest Company Honor

Kentwood had a great time at last nights Leading Real Estate Companies of the World awards gala. Kentwood is honored to be bringing home three awards in our category. We are honored to be this year’s recipient of the Diamond Award, LeadingRE’s highest company honor. Kentwood was also awarded the Pinnacle Award for Most Outgoing Broker-to-Broker Referral Closings, and the Award of Excellence for Outgoing Sales Production.