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Warm Up With Colorado’s Best Ramen Joints


As winter continues to bring cold, snowy weather, nothing warms the soul as much as a hot bowl of ramen. Whether you’re a chicken broth traditionalist or prefer the Thai-style pork broth-based spicy ramen, Colorado has a wide variety of incredible ramen and noodle houses.

Ft. Collins

RamaMama is a food truck operating in Ft. Collins. Reportedly in the process of opening the truck’s first brick-and-mortar store location in Ft. Collins’ Old Town area, owner John Lawyer and business partner Jake Arnold – neither having any formal culinary training – offer Japanese delicacies often served at bougie restaurants of renowned chefs. Mr. Lawyer learned his craft by working at a small bento box store in Illinois from his friend’s mom who served Korean dishes at family dinners.

The Ft. Collins store location has no confirmed grand opening date, but RamaMama can be found by following the food truck’s location on their Facebook page, but also in pop-up events at Pinball Jones in Ft. Collins near the Colorado State University campus. Expect a creamy bowl of ramen with a touch of spicy Szechuan pepper oil which is perfect for winter days in Northern Colorado.

Niwot, Northeast of Boulder

Sachi Sushi is a tiny restaurant – more of a ‘set up’, really – in Niwot Market, a grocery store in Niwot, Colorado just northeast of Boulder. The owner, Tsukasa Hibino, former chef at Sushi Tora in Boulder, runs the one-man show at Sachi Sushi. As we all know, the exquisiteness of the best Japanese dishes requires lengthy preparation and a wide variety of imported ingredients, and Mr. Hibino prepares his five ramen dishes only on Sundays. Sachi Sushi offers more than ramen with a menu mixture of udon noodles, fresh sushi, Korean BBQ, and more.

Sachi Sushi has become a local favorite in the Boulder area, and has been featured in the Huffington Post.


Osaka was named the No. 1 “Best Ramen Award” from Denver’s Westword Magazine, and for good reason. Located in the basement of the 2600 building on Walnut St. in Denver’s trendy Riverside North (RiNo) district, Osaka features a modern styled restaurant with a bar that peers directly into the kitchen.Jeff Osaka, owner and chef of Osaka, started the restaurant in 2015 to bring variations of his favorite noodle dishes from his childhood in a vibrant Japanese community in Los Angeles, California to Denver, his current home.

Especially known for the less-traditional spicy miso ramen and the okonomiyaki fries (the flakes move…), Jeff Osaka has established Osaka as the leading ramen joint in the downtown Denver area. Pro tip: Always try the daily ramen special.


Wanna Poke in Centennial, Colorado is a small, unassuming family-owned poke and ramen shop just east of the Cherry Creek Reservoir and Denver Tech Center. Among the top restaurants in the Denver metro area with a whopping 4.8 stars on Yelp, Wanna Poke offers fresh poke and unique ramen as a quicker and more casual alternative to a sit-down restaurant. As ramen customers typically pay for premium ramen, Wanna Poke’s prices are extremely affordable, and allow customers to customize their ramen toppings to their liking. As one reviewer stated, “This might not be the spot for a fancy date, but if you’re looking for something delicious without the frills, you won’t be disappointed.”

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