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Jeff Tomlan



Wilmington, DE

What Is One Special Thing About the Place You Grew Up?

The fall colors on the East Coast.

How Many Years Have You Been in Real Estate?

4 Years


Playing upright bass, watching college football, playing with my kids

Describe Yourself In 5 Words:

Passionate, Creative, Free-Spirited, Problem Solver, and Always Improving

Favorite Colorado Past-time:

My favorite time of year in Colorado is Autumn, despite how short lived it is. I love to visit a different mountain town each early October and see the leaves change color and smell the crisp, fall air.

One Unusual Thing About You:

I’m a professional jazz musician.

In What Ways Are You Involved in Your Community?

I try to stay involved in my children’s schools- by volunteering for classroom aide or volunteering to teach the music class. This way I not only give back to the children in the community, but gain a little extra time with my children. In addition, I love to support the local arts, especially the symphony.

Who Inspires You?

My wife. She is a rock star who conquers so much each day and keeps me balanced. She gave us two beautiful children, and she has raised them, so well, to be empathetic and intelligent individuals

What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment and Why?

My family, because I get to relive my own childhood, teach them what I know, and they help me grow.

How Do You Define Success?

I define success in many ways, but all of them are tied to being happy and fulfilled. If you have a lot of financial success, or any other conventionally successful thing, but you are not happy, or fulfilled, then I do not feel that you are truly successful. It doesn’t do anyone any good to attain certain levels of success if they are miserable. Life is short, and it should be enjoyed as much as possible.

What Career Path Would You Have Chosen If You Didn’t Become a Real Estate Broker?

I would have become a jazz musician. I have been playing upright bass for the past 11 years, and it is definitely my first passion. It is difficult to make a living as a jazz musician though (I think I’ve seen a few memes about it). I love to incorporate my two passions though, by holding broker and client open houses with live jazz music, provided by me.

If You Could Master Any Skill That You Don’t Currently Have, What Would It Be and Why?

I wish I could learn a foreign language. I can speak conversational Spanish, but I wish I were fluent in another language.

What Is the Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Ever Done?

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done is start a family. There are so many responsibilities, and the anxiety is never-ending, but the rewards and joys of parenthood make me very glad that I did it.

If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Who Would It Be and Why?

Frank Lloyd Wright, because he was an innovator. He understood the balance between art and nature.

What Is Your Favorite Family Tradition?

My mom handmade an advent calendar for me when I was a teenager. It has little felted Christmas items for each day of December. My favorite family tradition is watching my wife and kids excitedly take the new item out of the pouch each day and place it on the tree on top. Since my mother passed away a few years ago, it’s nice to have a tradition that includes her in our lives.

What’s the Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To? What Made It So Special?

How could a musician pick just one?

If You Could Live in A Book, TV Show, Or Movie What Would It Be and Why?

I would want to live in Wonderland. I went to a charter school in high school that emphasized math, and the concept of a world of nonsense, created by a mathematician, appeals to me. I am drawn to fantasies, and there isn’t one more enticing to me than one based on pure creativity and the absence of logic.

Contact Jeff Tomlan

Cell: 303-828-8747


Website: Jeff Tomlan

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