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7 Ways to Beat the Heat in Denver

Ice Cream

With Denver’s hottest summer in years not chilling out any time soon, here are seven great ways to beat the heat:

1. Take a Hike

Go up to the mountains! Well, you didn’t need us to tell you to head outdoors. People are passionate about defending the honor of their preferred trails and some won’t even share their favorites (and those are our friends and family), so we’re just going to skip past this one and let you figure it out with the use of the many resources available.

2. Cone or Cup?

For a city world-renowned for health and fitness, we are also an epicenter of cold culinary magic, more commonly known as ice cream! You’ve got Sweet Action, Little Man, Magills, Liks, Ice Cream Riot, Bonnie Brae and High Point, to name a few. For our money, if feeling like we’ve taken refuge inside an igloo is our goal, this conversation starts and ends at Sweet Cow. With locations in Platt Park, Highlands, two in Boulder, Louisville and Stanley Market, the Big Moo has built its brand on impeccably clean stores, tirelessly cheerful staff, a commitment to being green and simply unbelievable ice cream made from scratch. There might as well be a “G” in Sweet Cow’s name because they are so generous with their ingredients. The chunks of Oreos in their Cookies and Cream are bigger than a silver dollar! Somehow, they keep the cornflakes in their Bourbon Corn Flake crispy. Bonus tip — if ice cream is a bit too high for your calorie budget, try Yogurtland in Cap Hill. You’ll never know it isn’t ice cream.

3. Splish Splash

Pull up a seat in the shade out front of Union Station, close enough to the fountains that you can feel the refreshing mist. Heck, kick off your shoes, roll up your pants and skip through the fountains. Who cares if you’re the only adult out there. We won’t laugh and we might just join in!

4. Take in Some Cooling Culture

Denver’s museums are nothing short of world class. The Denver Art Museum continues to grow in stature (and size) while the Museum of Contemporary Art is always booking cutting-edge artists coveted by curators around the world. Two lesser known jewels in our fine arts crown are the Clyfford Still and Kirkland Museums, both of which are nestled in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. You will be blown away by the progression of Still’s body of work, especially his behind-the-scenes stories and seeing his work tools up close. You may not have made it over to the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art since it opened last year, but strolling around the exhibits is a great way to lower your temperature and increase your design imagination.

5. Movies

Netflix is nice but sometimes nothing beats a big tub of fresh popcorn and a really big screen. For our money, there’s just no place better than the UA Pavilions on 16th St. Mall. But don’t show up unannounced. Like pretty much everything else in Denver, reservations are strongly encouraged. Go online a couple days ahead and book the perfect seat because they recline so far you’ll feel like you snuck into first class on Singapore Air. If mainstream Hollywood isn’t your cinematic gig, how about going big and bold with a science or nature film on the IMAX screen at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in City Park?

And finally, we’re excited to report that the Landmark Esquire Theater has reopened on 6th St. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate summer than doing the time warp at a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

6. Go Tubing

Like pretty much everything else included in here, people are super passionate about their tubing spots. You have options all around Greater Denver from Golden to Littleton, but we’re suckers for Boulder Creek. Rent an inner tube, jump in at Eben G. Fine Park and float down the creek all the way to 55th Street. Sure, the water is freezing, buy hey, you were saying how hot you were right, so make up your mind. Oh, remember sun screen!!

 7. A Whole Other Kind of Float

No, we don’t mean root beer, although some of those ice cream shops up above do make some mean ones. There’s an entirely different kind of floating to be had. Check out Easy Float in Platt Park or Samana Float Center near Coors Field. Ever tried sensory deprivation like in that 1980 cult flick Altered States? No light. No sound. Just you and a few thousand pounds of salt poured into your bathwater. You will float on top of the surface like you never knew was possible. Feeling like a cork doesn’t only sooth those frayed nerves, it has been proven to help world-class athletes recover from injuries faster. Fallen off that mountain bike lately?

And, don’t forget the tips we provided just a few weeks ago on boating all around the state.

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