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Where to Celebrate National Burrito Day | Kentwood Picks

In Denver, everyday feels like National Burrito Day with all of the wonderful Mexican food we have right at our fingertips! But in honor of the official National Burrito Day, we’re here to give you some ideas on where to indulge your craving for a delicious burrito. Enjoy!

“The Chili Relleno burrito at El Taco De Mexico is my favorite. It’s best smothered in a flavorful, but not too hot, Green Chili. This is a no frills taqueria at the corner of 7th and Sante Fe in the Arts District.” – Bob Serotta, Kentwood DTC

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“The chile relleno burrito from El Taco De Mexico is the best I have ever had world-wide. I get what I refer to as pregnancy cravings for the flavors that are only found at this spot. I could drink the tomatillo based green chile straight out of the bottle. You do not go here for atmosphere nor the service.  I started going here in 1985 when it opened in a small trailer that you would pull behind your car caulked to the brick wall of El Noa Noa Mexican Restaurant at 7th and Santa Fe.  A Denver institutions not to be missed.” – Brent Jones, Kentwood City Properties

National Burrito Day



“My favorite is a breakfast burrito from Ruperts at the EdgeThey have an insanely delicious “deluxe steak burrito” that is nearly impossible to finish. It’s loaded with tasty steak tips, potatoes, scrambled eggs and all the fixings. Then they top it with green and red chili. YUMMY! The charm with Ruperts is that it is located overlooking Sloans Lake and they only serve breakfast/bruch using what they call “scratch cooking” and premium ingredients. During the summer they have a great patio to eat on but you need to make sure to get there early to get a seat. The secret is definitely out.” – Jeff Lopez, Kentwood DTC

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Santiago’s!! For the best breakfast burritos, Santiago’s is hard to beat! They taste great, are cheap and there are multiple locations all over town” – Soley Maria, Kentwood Cherry Creek

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“Yum! Burrito’s are my favorite! I would say Snooze has the best smothered breakfast burrito. But a close second is Pete’s University Café! As for regular burritos, my husband loves the shredded chicken and green chili burrito at 3 Margarita’s off County Line Road.” – Kim Norton, Kentwood Cherry Creek

National Burrito Day



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