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Living in Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver

For anyone who dreams of a true urban lifestyle, the allure of pedestrian-friendly downtown Denver grows ever more compelling. Although it was originally a gold mining town, Denver has come a long way from its gun-slinging wild west days. Residents are a laid-back crowd of progressive fitness fanatics who love the outdoors and are always pushing the envelope.

Denver has raised the bar a mile high as far as quality of life, with recreation playing a major role in everyday life. Residents in the Mile High City work hard but play just as hard. Living in the Downtown Denver neighborhood, you’ll be in the middle of all the action. Dip your feet in the Platte River, take a stroll or a bike ride on the Cherry Creek Trail, cheer on any of the local professional sports teams, taste a craft beer at any one of the nearby breweries, or simply take in the scenery from one of the many parks within the city.

This urban neighborhood offers an active mix of business, recreation, entertainment, arts, fine dining, shopping and much more, all close to what you could call home. You can visit one of Denver’s amazing neighborhoods, like Park Hill, Capitol Hill, LoDo, or Cherry Creek. Denver offers all the convenient, modern, and high-end amenities of any big city. Whether you walk, bike, bus, light rail or drive, you’ll find that your destination is never too far.

World-class theatrical productions and symphonies play year-round at the renowned Denver Center for the Performing Arts, home of the sparkling new Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Buell Theater, Boettcher Concert Hall, and Denver Center Theater Company. Nearby, the historic Art Deco Paramount Theater with its pearly facade of glazed terra cotta hosts a diverse assortment of national acts.

Living in Downtown Denver can be a rewarding experience. The brilliant kaleidoscope of diversions transforms daily life Downtown into an unending celebration.

Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver

Early Denver History

Downtown Denver

Situated on the banks of the South Platte River and nestled close to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Denver was founded in November of 1858 as a gold mining town. Although little gold was found, the discovery was enough to change the course of Denver and the West.

Fortune seekers poured into the area. It wasn’t long before tents, wagons, lean-tos, and log cabins took over the banks of the South Platte. In the following years, some 100,000 gold seekers would flock to the region. Those who arrived in Denver early were able to stake out land, lay out the city, and sell plots to those who arrived later. General William H. Larimer claim-jumped a square mile on the eastern side of Cherry Creek. He named the site “Denver City” after Kansas Governor, James Denver. Larimer laid out the roads with the intentions of creating a major city of new immigrants.

The 1860’s brought with them years of hardship for Denver. In April of 1863, a fire broke out in central Downtown Denver. Loses totaled over $250,000 and many businesses were devastated. Just a year later, spring melt and heavy rains caused severe flooding along Cherry Creek. Countless businesses were destroyed, livestock drowned, and 8 residents were killed. And in the summer of 1865, grasshoppers swarmed the area stripping it of all vegetation. Real Estate prices plummeted and the population shrank.

Despite these misfortunes, the people of Denver were determined to thrive. When the Union Pacific Railroad bypassed Colorado on its transcontinental route, Denverites raised $300,000 and built their own railroad to meet the Union Pacific in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Soon after, the Kansas Pacific Railroad crossed the plains to Denver and, when a major silver strike was hit in Leadville, Denver was a boom-town once again.

Downtown Denver
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