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Prohibited: Things Your Moving Company Won’t Touch

Moving DayIt’s not every day that you pack up all of your belongings to move across town or the country. In this regard, moving companies can be a life saver. They will carry everything you own down three flights of stairs, out a window and through the rain. Well, almost everything that is. There are certain things movers draw the line at. Before you start packing up your possessions, become familiar with the list of items that your moving company will not move for you.

Hazardous Materials
Federal law bans moving companies from transporting hazardous materials, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. If it looks or smells dangerous, chances are they won’t be loading it into the back of a moving van. As a general rule of thumb, anything you can’t ship or dispose of regularly is prohibited. The list ranges from propane and gasoline tanks to liquid bleach, charcoal, corrosives and even nail polish remover. The best plan is to use up these items or dispose of them properly, then restock once you’ve settled into your new home.

House Plants
There might be a few moving companies that are willing to throw a house plant or two in the back of a moving van, but most won’t allow any plants on a local or cross country move. Some states are sensitive about plants. It is illegal to transport plants over 150 miles without a special license. Many officials worry about the plants transporting pests such as emerald ash borers and other problems with them and introducing them into new areas. So if your house plants are extremely important to you, you might have to bite the bullet and transport them yourself, or simply leave them behind.

Food and Pantry Items
Non-perishable food items can be transported but perishable items are a definite no. This includes frozen foods and open containers, no matter what the expiration date. Transporting food can attract all sorts of issues, and living things, along the way. And that could put your belongings and the movers at risk. Pack only sealed food with a long shelf life. If you want to take the perishable items with you, put them in a cooler to bring along in your own car. Or try to use as many of these items as you can before the move.

Valuable/Personal Items
Technically, these items aren’t among the things that movers refuse to handle. But it is always a good idea to keep your valuable items with you instead of leaving them in the hands of someone else. You don’t want to risk losing jewelry, cash, credit cards, birth certificates, passports or things that have sentimental value to you.