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Featured Community of the Month: Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park
Photo Credit: Kentwood Agent Julie Winger

Cheesman Park is an urban neighborhood in central Denver, situated just southeast of downtown, offering the best of city living and green spaces. Historic mansions, high-rise condos and rental apartments are shaded by flourishing trees that add a sense of timelessness to the area. Residents enjoy luxurious living and breathtaking views along with close proximity to Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, Downtown Denver, Denver Botanic Gardens and of course the neighborhood’s 80 acre namesake, Cheesman Park.

With city maps dating back to 1868, this is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods. When the park was completed in 1915, the surrounding area was developed with some of the cities wealthiest people in mind. And while Cheesman Park feels a lot like a grown-up neighborhood and less like a nightlife hot-spot, many young nine to fivers are quickly moving in. In fact, it has more single/unmarried people than Denver’s average.

There are many rumors of the park itself, some of which include it being haunted and bodies being buried there. These rumors most likely stem from the park having been converted from a cemetery in the late 19th century. On an average weekend, you are more likely to run into a family having a picnic or friends playing a pick-up game of volleyball than you are to find ghosts and ghouls. Compared to many of Denver’s other parks, it doesn’t get overly crowded and there is plenty of room to sprawl out. With people taking early morning jogs, practicing Thai Chi and playing Frisbee, Cheesman Park is perfect place to do a little people watching.