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The Kentwood Cares Foundation Mission

The Kentwood Cares Foundation was created with the dual mission of supporting both the internal Kentwood community of employees and brokers and the external community of nonprofit organizations.

Helping Family and Community

Nonprofit organizations and Internal Stakeholders within the Kentwood Real Estate organization (and its affiliates) can apply for a grant if the following criteria are met:

Internal Stakeholder

Eligibility criteria:

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  • A staff member who was in an accident and requires medical deductible assistance.
  • A broker who must cease working due to family illness or emergency requiring the Broker temporarily step away from the business; or
  • Someone within the organization who incurred a major expense due to a natural disaster.
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Nonprofit Organizations

Eligibility criteria:

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  • Not for profit organizations which advance safe and affordable housing programs for Colorado residents.
  • Which promote educational programs that encourage and support equity in housing.
  • Or who provide housing related disaster relief to our Colorado communities.

Donate or Apply Today

Donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to contact Kentwood Real Estate for more information at 888.621.7157, or email the Kentwood Cares Foundation at

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Update: We're honored to have helped so many of those in need in the recent months. At this time relief funds are now limited and applicants may experience a delay until the Foundation is able to raise more funds.


"Our home burned to the ground at the Marshall Fire in Superior. The funds will be used to pay our monthly mortgage while we find a temporary location to live. We lost everything in the fires. We have each other but all our personal belongings were lost. Our son's car was destroyed, and he needs it to go to work. We need to replace clothing and hygiene supplies as well. Your help is much appreciated!" - Carl & Rupali 

"My house and all my belongings burned down in the fire. We did not save anything but one set of clothes. We appreciate your donation." - LM 

"Thank you so very very much. We have a long road ahead of us to rebuild our home and our lives, in general. Your thoughtful gift will go a long way in helping us to do that. We are so appreciative." - Megan