Lori Pace by way of Jamaica, West Indies has built her life and career in Denver for 30 years. She has an appreciation for buildings and entrepreneurship influenced by her father who is a successful architect and instrumental in numerous historic landmark projects in Denver. Lori has a degree in Environmental Design with a concentration in Architecture and Urban Planning. She began her career with the Denver Urban Renewal Authority dedicated to neighborhood revitalization and redevelopment and has designed community engagement programs for neighborhoods and brokerages to combat the negative impacts of gentrification on urban communities.

Lori has been involved in public and private collaborations of Real Estate Acquisitions and Community Development which serves as the core foundation of her background.  Lori's professional training in real estate, neighborhood revitalization/development, leadership, and sales has created an understanding of the multiple facets of the industry. She and her husband who is a Commercial Real Estate Broker, have been representing buyers and sellers in transactions involving land, residential homes, commercial buildings, and retail projects including mixed-use developments.

Lori is a keynote speaker and trainer on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace with an emphasis on the real estate industry. Her passion for real estate has culminated in her serving as a Board of Director of The Denver Metropolitan Association of Realtors and a founding member of the Community Alliance Committee which advocates for supporting affiliated multicultural Real Estate Associations.

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